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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Device failure and data loss are common issues faced by external hard drive users. At Platinum Data Recovery, External Hard Drive Data Recovery service is one of the highly demanded services. Over the years, we have successfully recovered deleted/corrupted data from hundreds of damaged, corrupted, and crashed external hard drives. We have the necessary resources and skilled manpower that is required to recover data from an external hard drive.

Do you use an external hard drive for storing valuable files and documents? If you have an external hard drive, you may encounter some issues, like not working drive, inaccessible data, inability to connect the external hard drive, and more. Unlike an internal hard drive, an external drive or solid-state drive (SSD) is connected to a computer on the outside rather than on the inside. External hard drives are popular for storing data because of their portability, easy usage, and a large amount of storage capacity. Users can easily store their important data and carry the device wherever they go. These features make external HDD a great choice for data backup but users can lose their stored files due to several reasons.

External hard drives, also known as removable hard drives are connected through a USB cable or wireless connection. The main purpose of an external hard drive is to store media that a user needs to be portable. It is also used for backups and as an alternative to the internal drive. This device is also good for sharing large files between computers. Using an external HDD is a better option than flash drives because these have high storage capacity and can back up a high volume of files.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

External HDD Failure & Data Loss

An external HDD has superior performance than a simple HDD. However, there are some dangers that an external HDD will face more often than an internal HDD. This device can store your important files and system backups, but when the drive fails, all your stored data is gone. Recovering lost data from a damaged or corrupted external HDD can be a complex task. Like any other storage media, an external hard drive may also suffer data loss due to physical damage and logical error. The most common causes of data loss from an external HDD include:

• Accidental formatting or deletion of data
• Physical damage from drops or exposure to external factors like fire and water
• Attack by Ransomware

Whether your external HDD has got physically damaged or you’ve deleted stored files, we can retrieve all your lost data. Platinum Data Recovery engineers have years of experience in restoring lost or inaccessible data from external HDDs of all types and brands. We are equipped with the most advanced tools and software to get your most important data back when it is deleted, erased, or even when your hard disk is corrupt. As the most trusted data recovery specialists, we maintain the highest standards for restoring your data safely. We also have a strict confidentiality policy to ensure your peace of mind.


How to Prevent Data Loss on an External Hard Drive?

Similar to internal hard drives, external HDDs can also fail due to physical damage and logical failure. When your external hard drive fails, you lose all the data stored on it. To avoid this frustrating situation, you need to take proactive steps to protect your external hard drive from potential threats.

Most importantly, you should take good care of your storage device and handle it with care. You can buy a case to protect the drive from moisture and extreme temperatures. Next, you need to regularly monitor the health of your external HDD to identify problems and prevent failure. Never overlook the error messages and use an HDD monitoring tool to gauge the health of your drives. Don’t overload your external hard drive and always eject the drive by using the “Safe to Remove Device” option.

Why my External Drive is not showing up or recognized?

This is a common issue faced when using any removable storage drive like a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Often when users connect the drive to a Windows PC or another device with a USB port, they find that the external hard drive isn’t showing up. The main causes of this problem include dead USB ports, partition issues on the external drive, using the wrong file system, driver issues in Windows, or failed external drive. If your computer fails to detect your hard drive, you should first check the connection to make sure the drive is enabled. You can also try troubleshooting the issue and see where the problem lies.

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Fast & Secure External Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Losing your confidential data stored on an external hard drive can be stressful. External hard drives are a good choice for data backup but they encounter problems frequently. Sometimes, the data becomes inaccessible or gets corrupted due to mechanical or logical failure. When this happens, some users try external hard drive recovery software to restore their lost files. However, this is not a safe solution to retrieve data. If you need a guaranteed and secure way of recovering data then seeking the assistance of a data recovery engineer is the best option. Even if you have deleted important files from the external hard drive by accident or your computer is not detecting the external hard drive, it’s possible to get back your data.

External hard drives can get damaged due to electronic failures that often occur due to power surges. There are also chances of Physical/Mechanical failures if the drive is suddenly dropped from any place. But for us, it doesn’t matter how you’ve lost your data. Once we receive your external drive, we evaluate the damage and provide you a diagnostic report that includes detail of recoverable files, price quotes, and turnaround time. Over the years, we have developed the best techniques to safely and quickly recover data from external hard drives. Platinum Data Recovery takes pride in offering the shortest turnaround time.

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