Verbatim Data Recovery

In 1969, Information Terminals Corporation was founded by Reid Anderson and officially was renamed Verbatim in 1978. Verbatim has always been prominent in the growth of data-storage technology. Even today they are easily one of the most recognizable names in the business. They had originally started by developing their own cassettes with an extremely stable polycarbonate casing. They later applied this knowledge to create a special shell for 8-inch floppy disks, to protect them from dirt, dust, and damage. Within their first media factory in 1976, the disks they created were given an exclusive Teflon coating and were available in a smaller 5.25-inch format.

The company continued to broaden and developed an international reputation as a manufacturer of first-rate storage media. In 1990, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation became the proud owner of Verbatim and currently trades under the name of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. They helped innovate and create Super Eutectic Recording Layer technology (SERL), which has been used for CD-RWs and other rewritable media. Verbatim was one of the few producers to include all popular formats in its portfolio, including many award-winning products. They began manufacturing external hard drives in 2007, and more recently began venturing into Solid State Drives with its SSD Express Card.

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Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbatim HDD Series
  • Verbatim Store’n’Save Series
  • Verbatim Acclaim Series
  • Verbatim Titan XS Series
  • Verbatim Store’n’Go series
  • Verbatim Store’n’Go Swivel
  • Verbatim Store’n’Go Elements Editions (mini)
  • Verbatim Store’n’Go Sports Editions (mini)
  • Verbatim Store’n’Go Pro series
  • Verbatim Blaze Drive series
  • Verbatim TUFF’n’Tiny
  • Verbatim TUFF-CLIP
  • Verbatim Clip-it
  • Verbatim Store’n’Stay Nano
  • Verbatim Wave USB
  • Verbatim PinStripe USB
  • Verbatim Corporate Secure Series
  • Verbatim V3 MAX
  • Verbatim SDXC Memory Cards
  • Verbatim SDHC & SDHC Pro Memory Cards
  • Verbatim Micro SDHC
Verbatim Data Recovery

Common Problems

Despite the company’s lucrative and extensive background, their products can develop problems from time to time.

For their hard drives, they can either suffer from logical or physical issues. If the data is corrupted by a virus, malware, or some other malicious program, it can put the drive at risk. Occasionally it can suffer trauma through tampering, botched repairs, a sudden drop, or any other accidental cause. If you hear any kind of clicking, turn off the device immediately and call us. Leaving or turning it back on can cause damage to the platters and result in further data loss.

For their Flash drives and SD cards, they can become damaged, corrupted, or in general just stop working after a period of time. Most people assume that data from these items cannot be recovered but always call us before discarding the drive! They are more sensitive to physical damage and can suffer from improper insertion techniques, excessive pressure or temperatures, condensation, or exposure to other contaminants.

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Here at Platinum Data Recovery, our engineers have kept pace with the ever-evolving technologies of Verbatim. We are familiar with their extensive flash and SD card products, and receive these cases on a daily basis. We use the latest recovery technology, equipment, software, and methods when recovering your valuable data. With over 15 years of experience and the highest success rate in the industry, you know who to trust!

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Verbatim Data Recovery Solutions

Japan-based company Verbatim is a renowned producer of media storage devices and flash memory devices. The company’s most popular devices include Solid-state drives, Floppy disks, Magnetic tapes, SD cards, Compact Flash cards, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, USB flash drives, and more. Verbatim produces a variety of portable media devices and all of them may suffer data loss. But here at Platinum Data Recovery, we can recover lost data from all makes and models. If you happen to lose data from a Verbatim SD card or external hard drive due to any reasons – accidental or intentional, this is the right place for you. As professional data recovery experts, we can help you to easily restore Verbatim SD card or hard drive data.

When you choose us, we can help you get back your missing pictures such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, RAW image data, videos include MP4, AVI, 3GP, AVCHD, H264, MPG, MPEG, MOV, WMV, ASF, VOB, M2TS, and other HD video files, music mp3, as well as document data like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PDF file, Powerpoint PPT, and more. As an experienced Verbatim data recovery service provider, we can help you restore data including Photos, songs, movies, and all other office related files. Trying DIY methods for getting your data back may harm the media device and ultimately make data recovery more challenging and costly. To get back your lost data safely, contact our data recovery experts.


“From the get-go, everything went as smooth as one could hope. [Platinum Data Recovery] was fast, courteous, and most importantly honest with what the process entailed.”

Nicholas Hybl, Post-Production Engineer

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