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TerraMaster Technology Data Recovery

When it comes to TerraMaster Technology data recovery, we have the highest success rate. All storage devices, including RAID & NAS systems, are reliable, but they still can fail. If you’ve lost data from the TerraMaster Technology data storage system due to physical or logical problems, you need a company that you can trust to provide results. At Platinum Data Recovery, we can recover data from all makes and models of NAS, irrespective of the configuration. With years of experience, we have become proficient in working with various levels of RAID, including standard RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1E, RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 7, etc.) and nested arrays (RAID level 10, 50, 60, 50E, etc.). Our engineers also have access to specialized tools to recover lost data from custom RAID layouts along with vendor-specific configurations. All cases of data recovery receive the highest level of service and attention from our expert engineers.

TerraMaster Technology Data Recovery

Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• TerraMaster F2-210 2-bay NAS
• F2-220 cloud storage NAS server
• F2-221 2-Bay NAS
• F2-420 NAS server
• F4-210 4-bay NAS
• F4-220 cloud storage NAS server
• F4-221 4-Bay NAS
• F5-220 cloud storage NAS server
• F5-221 5-Bay NAS
• F2-421 2-Bay NAS
• F2-422 Professional NAS
• F4-221 4-Bay NAS
• F4-421 NAS
• F5-420 cloud storage NAS server
• F8-421 8-Bay NAS
• F8-422 Professional NAS
• Enterprise-class 4-bay storage server
• U8-211 Enterprise-class 8-bay storage server
• U8-512, U8-412, U8-612, U12-412, U12-612, U16-412 storage server
• TerraMaster D2-310, D4-300, D5-300, D5-300C RAID Storage
• TD2 Thunderbolt 3 RAID, TD2 Thunderbolt3 Plus
• D4 Thunderbolt 3, D5 Thunderbolt 3
• D8 Thunderbolt 3, D16 Thunderbolt 3

TerraMaster devices offer long-lasting storage solutions but all of a sudden you may face data loss. Whether your RAID Array becomes corrupted or your drives have failed, we have a data recovery solution for all possible situations. Platinum Data Recovery technicians have skills to recover data from laptops, desktops, and servers running any type of operating system including MAC, Windows, Linux, AIX, and more. No matter why or how your data became inaccessible, we have the expertise and years of hands-on experience to successfully recover data from any failure. Whatever the circumstances of your data loss may be and no matter how dire it may seem, you can always trust us!

TerraMaster Data Loss

NAS systems comprise one or more hard disk drives that may have somewhat different firmware and vibration tolerance to make them suitable for use in RAID arrays. But all hard drives can fail due to electrical problems, unintentional poor handling, mechanical deterioration, platter degradation, stuck motors, common human errors, file structure corruption, etc. When one or more drives breakdown, users may lose all of their stored data.

Considering the complexities involved with recovering data from a NAS system, it’s important to seek professional help. Platinum Data Recovery engineers know the best recovery methods to retrieve your lost files from TerraMaster devices. We’ve successfully recovered countless seemingly “hopeless” cases. We are one of the very few companies that can recover data even in the worst-case scenarios. Our Research and Development team keeps on discovering new recovery methods for existing and emerging media. So, when you seek our services, you can rest assured that we have utilized all the best recovery methods to ensure the highest quality recovery of your data.


What are the common causes of TerraMaster NAS data loss?

All NAS devices including TerraMaster NAS provide a great storage solution but data loss may happen due to several reasons. The common causes of NAS failure and data loss are power failure or sudden power surge, overheating, improper shutdowns, malware infection, user error, hardware controller failure, multiple disk failure, and more. Most of the times, NAS users experience data loss due to re-formatting, reinstallation, or someone accidentally overwriting the drive. Also, failure of one drive puts a burden on the remaining drives for processing and this may also cause NAS failure and data loss.

Is there any software program for recovering corrupt files from the NAS appliance?

Some good data recovery software programs are available but it’s not recommended to attempt DIY NAS data recovery. This is because the NAS device setup is complex and only experts know how to handle the data recovery process.  Using software often results in media damage and file corruption. This happens because most of the software applications available are designed for personal computers, not NAS systems.

What Should I do if my files stored on my TerraMaster NAS goes missing?

As soon as you notice data loss, stop using the device. Continuing to use the media or trying DIY fixes could cause permanent damage, so turn it off as soon as you notice any signs of failure or file corruption. It can be risky to repair or restore your NAS without technical knowledge. So, contact a NAS data recovery specialist.

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About TerraMaster Technology

TerraMaster Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, manufactures storage products that offer reliability and value. This Chinese company specializes in developing network-attached storage (NAS) and direct-attached storage (DAS). TerraMaster has established itself as a reputed brand with customers in more than 40 countries. Due to its first-rate hardware design and brilliant software development ability, TerraMaster has become a trusted name for data storage solutions. TerraMaster products offer reliability and value to small and medium businesses, as well as home users. The company is actively engaged in exploring storage technology and applications to make the storage application easier and faster.

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