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Apple/Mac data recovery is a service that we proudly specialize in and excel at. Due to the complexity of iPhone and iPad devices, we temporarily do not offer data recovery services for these devices. Stay tuned, for we may offer this service in the future. The Apple/Mac platform is quite different from other platforms, and not all data recovery services are able to accommodate these differences by bringing the necessary skills, education, technology, software and equipment to the business table in order to offer a comprehensive solution for Apple/Mac data recovery projects. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have successfully recovered data from Apple and Mac products and devices that would likely be deemed irrecoverable by less capable data recovery companies.

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Apple Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Apple MacBook
  • Apple MacBookPro
  • Apple MacBookAir
  • Apple iMac
  • Apple MacPro
  • Apple Time Capsule

Logical Data Recovery

Physical Data Recovery

Physical failures generally leave all of the data intact on the device, but do not allow physical access to it. This can occur when the item has sustained actual physical damage, including: being dropped; submerged in a liquid; exposed to extreme temperatures; subjected to condensation; or contaminated with outside elements, debris or particulates.

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Because Apple/Mac platforms are so vastly different compared to other systems, an Apple/Mac data recovery project must utilize an entirely unique set of skills than those required for nearly all other data recovery projects. This must necessarily include the possession of an intimate understanding of Apple equipment, structure and architecture because the entire file system is uniquely Apple. Unlike most systems and devices which utilize the NTFS file protocol, Apple products use their own codes and a number of variations of these codes. This can make an Apple/Mac data recovery project exceedingly difficult, but here at Platinum Data Recovery we're exceptionally skilled at recovery data from Apple and Mac products including conducting iPhone data recovery and iPad data recovery. One of the most important parts of any data recovery job is confidentiality and security. We understand that your data may be sensitive, proprietary, personal and priceless, so we've developed one of the most secure facilities and confidential processes available on the data recovery market today. We'll hold your information in absolute security and confidence – including the retrieval of important encrypted information without losing the integrity of the original encryptions. Whatever the case may be, if your Apple or Mac device has stopped working or you are unable to access the data on it, stop using it immediately. Using a damaged or malfunctioning device can actually make the Apple/Mac data recovery process much more difficult, or result in the complete destruction of the data that still remains on the device. In order to mitigate these risks, stop using the device, unplug it and call us as soon as possible.

In many cases, we can evaluate, repair, or recover data in as little as a few days.

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"In a short period of time, Platinum was able to recover 100% of my data and I was back in business planning and scheduling my pre-summer projects"

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