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PixelFlash Data Recovery

Due to factors like system failure, faulty components, and user errors, data loss has become a common phenomenon. To address these issues, we offer PixelFlash data recovery services for all types of data storage devices, including SD card, SxS, Micro SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, USB flash drives, CompactFlash, and more. We provide dependable data recovery services for all PixelFlash storage devices. Our team can recover data in the event of accidental formatting, unintentional file deletion, data corruption, memory wear, or physical card damage. We utilize effective tools, latest techniques, and proprietary data recovery software to retrieve inaccessible or lost data from PixelFlash memory cards.

PixelFlash Data Recovery

Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• PIXELFLASH® 1106X SuperSport CF Cards
• PIXELFLASH® AudioCore AX1 Data Cards
• CFAST 2.0 HyperCore 3600X Cards

CFast & CF Card Data Loss

If your camera suddenly refuses to read your card, or you’re unable to access files stored on your card, give us a call. Platinum Data Recovery engineers have access to advanced tools to recover lost data from PixelFlash cards. You could suffer data loss from PixelFlash memory cards due to several reasons such as:

• Physically damaged card- dented, bent or broken
• Water/liquid damage
• Corrupt SD card file system
• Unintentional data deletion
• Accidental formatting
• Removing card from a device during file transfer
• Improper ejection of the SD memory card

Our data recovery technicians specialize in recovering lost or corrupted data from Compact Flash and CFast cards of all major brands. Our team is highly skilled and has experience in all generations and types of CompactFlash cards. Whether it’s physical damage or logical issue, we can retrieve lost data in all possible situations. We will conduct a full physical and logical assessment of your card to determine the best solution for data recovery. Our data recovery process begins with the diagnosis of a damaged storage device. Once we figure out the exact cause of data loss, we will provide you a price quote and job timeline.

If your CFast card has failed or you don’t have access to your precious files, then Platinum data Recovery is the name you can trust. We can recover data from CompactFast cards of all models and makes. Our certified data recovery engineers can retrieve lost files whether your data has been accidentally deleted or your CFast card is unrecognized by your camera or card reader. We utilize the best techniques to extract your data and ensure a high success rate. At Platinum Data Recovery, we are fully-equipped to retrieve your lost images- raw, jpg, and other formats that can be stored on a Compact Flash card. Irrespective of the manufacturer of memory cards and the nature of its failure, no data recovery job is too big or small for us!


Is it safe to store data on PixelFlash memory cards?

PixelFlash memory cards are good for storing your data safely, but backup is always a must. Memory cards provide better storage solutions than other storage devices such as hard disks drive when you travel a lot or can accidentally drop the storage device. CF and Cfast cards typically shockproof and are less vulnerable to physical damage than other storage devices. These cards have no moving parts which make them more robust than a normal hard drive. However, all these memory cards can not be used as a permanent backup solution, only temporary and cards are have small capacities.

What should I do if my PixelFlash CF card becomes inaccessible?

If your PixelFlash CF card has got corrupted, don’t format the card. Formatting the damaged memory card can worsen the situation and you might lose your data permanently. If your CF card is not showing on the camera, try connecting it to computer. You can also check if it is detected in the Disk management(Win) or Disk Utility(Mac). If you’re getting some error like “File directory is corrupted” or you simply can’t access files, then contact a data recovery specialist.

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About PixelFlash

PixelFlash produces dependable storage devices that provide exceptional data storage solutions and great data transfer speed. This Denver Colorado-based company offers products that are a perfect combination of strength, toughness, stability, and reliability. PixelFlash memory cards and CF card readers are great for data storage, as well as physical protection. PixelFlash SD and MicroSD card readers are hard to break with non-slip, anti-scratch, and temperature resistant features.

The Compact Flash cards produced by PixelFlash are robust and reliable, but these devices can fail when exposed to the elements or through an internal electronic failure. When the data stored on your PixelFlash memory card goes missing, think of us! Our Compact Flash data recovery specialists have experience in recovering deleted or corrupted data from faulty Compact Flash cards.

The CF and CFast cards are developed to provide high power removable storage solutions. These little memory cards are widely used in several high-end digital devices, particularly DSLRs and digital video cameras. PixelFlash storage devices provide reliable storage and data transfer speed but data loss is inevitable. Compact Flash cards may get damaged due to extreme temperature, high levels of humidity, and moisture. Also, data may become corrupted if you abruptly remove the card while transferring data.

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