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Netgear Data Recovery

If you have encountered ReadyNAS data loss, only a Netgear data recovery professional can retrieve your lost data.  Netgear is popularly known for its NAS devices. Netgear ReadyNAS is widely used by businesses and private consumers. ReadyNAS is powerful and reliable, but data loss situations may occur due to the corruption of the file system or multiple disk failures. Users often encounter data loss issues despite the redundancy offered by ReadyNAS RAID options. At Platinum Data Recovery, we can restore lost data from the NetGear Ready NAS Desktop series, Ready NAS Rackmount Series, and Ready NAS Surveillance. Our data recovery experts can restore corrupt file systems, replace damaged media, and recover all of the data from your Netgear ReadyNAS.

Netgear Data Recovery

NETGEAR products we work with include, but are not limited to:

ReadyNAS Desktop Series

• RN628X
• RN626X
• RN528X
• RN526X
• RN524X
• RN428
• RN426
• RN424
• RN422
• RN214
• RN212

ReadyNAS Rackmount Series

• RN2120
• RR2304
• RR2312
• RN3138
• RR3312
• RR4312X
• RR4360X

NetGear ReadyNAS Data Recovery

The reliable NetGear NAS devices are used by small and mid-sized businesses. NetGear ReadyNAS safely stores all your files in one place to give you easy access. NETGEAR ReadyNAS devices consist of disks that are combined into a RAID and used to store data. This premium NAS series is used for other storage-related services also and is popular for its automatic syncing, ease of use, and built-in RAID protection. ReadyNAS is a performance-oriented, reliable device but like all other NAS devices, the ReadyNAS is also not failure-proof. Several issues may leave your data contained on Netgear NAS inaccessible. Your NAS device may suffer breakdown due to various reasons such as failed hard drive, firmware corruption, RAID expansion or migration failed, corrupt file system, power surge, or user error like deleting files. All these issues lead to data loss and require complete knowledge of the Linux XFS, EXT2, EXT3, and BTFS file system structures. It is not possible to retrieve lost data from a Netgear NAS device without professional help. So, when your data goes missing, Platinum Data Recovery experts can restore your files from NetGear ReadyNAS devices. Our team of Data Recovery Experts understands both simple and complex failures to your ReadyNAS device. As a professional NAS data recovery services, we can help you get back you lost files from NetGear network attached storages.

At Platinum Data Recovery, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art tools. Our data recovery technicians keep abreast of all the latest technological developments to recover even the most difficult data loss jobs.  We have the highest success rate in the industry to ensure the most effective data recovery. Our staff performs all data recovery services in-house and we have an ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room on-site to protect your data and storage media.


What factors are responsible for Netgear NAS data loss?

The fault tolerance of your NAS system will determine the chances of data loss. If your NAS device uses RAID, you’ll get the redundancy but multiple hard drive failures still remain an issue. Netgear NAS devices are reliable; however, it may fail and cause data loss due to various reasons such as failed hard drive, firmware corruption, malware, corrupt file system, power surge, or accidental file deletion. Your device may also crash during rebuild procedures or following major electrical events.

What does multiple hard disk failure in the Netgear NAS mean?

A NAS server consists of multiple hard drives and the NAS failure depends on the fault tolerance of the system. The NAS server is designed to withstand the failure of one hard drive. However, if the second drive or more drive fails, it will lead to the NAS Server Crash and data loss. When the NAS server suffers multiple hard drives failure, it becomes necessary to find a Netgear NAS data recovery specialist to restore lost files from the failed disks.

What is your success rate?

As an experienced data recovery service provider, we are trusted by top organizations, as well as government officials. Our qualified data recovery engineers have recovered cases where many other top data recovery providers failed to help. With a 98% success rate, we have become the most trusted name in the data recovery industry. Moreover, we never mislead our customers by making false claims.

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Netgear Inc. provides innovative networking products for home, as well as business users. The easy-to-use NETGEAR products offer advanced wireless internet connectivity, superior streaming, and excellent storage solutions. This multinational computer networking company operates in three business segments: retail, commercial, and as a service provider. Based in San Jose, California, Netgear’s products make use of technologies such as wireless (WiFi and LTE), Ethernet, and powerline.  NETGEAR gives your home’s networking system superior speed and performance to ensure a seamless experience. For business, NETGEAR allows safe sharing of ideas and secure connection to remote locations. Netgear’s primarily focuses on the networking market and produces wired and wireless devices for broadband access and network connectivity. Besides network appliances, Netgear also provides Network-attached storage. The company produces premium NAS devices under the product name ReadyNAS. The innovative Netgear ReadyNAS devices are designed primarily for small offices and home computer users.

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