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Asustor Data Recovery

An unexpected Asustor NAS breakdown can be frustrating. But for all NAS models and other data storage devices, Platinum Data Recovery offers the most efficient Asustor data recovery services. We have been retrieving lost data from damaged NAS systems, crashed hard drives, RAID arrays, and other storage devices for several years. As your dedicated data recovery specialist, our team will work with you to determine the best course of action for your Asustor device. Throughout the data recovery process, we keep consumers and enterprises informed and strive to get their lost data back in almost any situation. We can recover data from all Asustor data storage devices in any data loss situation- from simple to the most complex cases.

ASUSTOR Data Recovery

Asustor products we work with include, but are not limited to

• AS1002T v2 NAS
• AS1004T v2 NAS
• AS3102T v2NAS
• AS3204T v2 NAS
• AS4002T NAS
• AS4004T NAS
• AS5202T
• AS6302T
• AS6404T
• AS6204RS / AS6204RD
• AS6212RD
• AS7004T
• AS7010T
• LOCKERSTOR 10 Pro (AS7110T)
• AS7012RD / AS7012RDX

Asustor NAS Data Recovery

If you can not get access to the data stored on a NAS, contact Platinum Data Recovery. Using NAS recovery software for extracting inaccessible files is not always the right decision. When it comes to business-critical data, a DIY recovery can cause massive financial damage, so seek professional assistance to avoid permanent data loss. Experts at Platinum Data Recovery make sure that your data is recovered in a speedy and efficient manner. We provide NAS data recovery for all Operating Systems, Manufacturers, and Configurations. We have developed tools and techniques to recover data from all kinds of NAS devices. The R&D team at Platinum Data Recovery explores the latest technologies to develop the best NAS data recovery solutions. With the help of world-class tools and advanced techniques, we can quickly and safely recover your inaccessible data from all kinds of Network-attached systems. We provide efficient, risk-free, and secure data recovery services for Network Attached Storage & Storage Area Networks. Following a customer-centered data recovery approach allows us to have the quickest turnaround times in the industry.


Can you recover data from my Asustor NAS?

At Platinum Data Recovery, we have qualified engineers to recover data from NAS- all models and makes. When Asustor NAS encounters system failure and data loss, it becomes necessary to seek the assistance of an expert. As the leading data recovery service provider, we have the expertise to recover data from all NAS configurations, operating systems, and manufacturers.

What is the process of data recovery?

If you’ve lost data from any storage device then you need to first send your device to a reliable data recovery company. We will diagnose the cause of failure and determine the extent of the damage. Once this evaluation process is complete, you will receive a quote with the cost of data recovery, an estimated time frame to complete the recovery, and an explanation of the media failure. Upon your approval, we will start recovering your data.

What are the possible causes of data loss from the Asustor NAS Storage system?

Asustor NAS users may suffer data loss either due to NAS physical damage or logical error. NAS damages include voltage fluctuation, reinstallation or reformatting errors, water and fire damage, PCB failure, firmware errors, defective NAS controllers, etc.

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About Asustor

Established in 2011, Asustor Inc. has emerged as a leading provider of private cloud storage (network-attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions. The company primarily focuses on developing a complete set of network storage solutions. The Asustor brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage” with the intention of becoming a global leader in digital storage. Besides providing NAS systems, the company also focuses on developing related firmware, hardware, and applications to offer excellent user experience.

NAS devices typically use RAID technology to achieve disk fault tolerance and data consistency. NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices are becoming more popular than PC-based file servers. These devices are widely used in home and small to medium-size businesses because they are affordable, consume less electricity, and are easy to maintain. These multi-disk devices are used as a file server providing data access to various clients.

All NAS devices offer reliable storage solutions, but they still can fail. NAS failure can cause significant data loss and a DIY recovery is not always the best solution. A DIY NAS data recovery involves disassembling the device, connecting the drives to a PC directly, and using NAS data recovery software. But not everyone has the skills and expertise required for recovering data from NAS systems. This is where our services come in!

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