Recent Clients

  • United States Senate

    “There was a technical problem with some equipment which your firm was able to resolve with great speed and wonderful results.”

    Paul Strauss, United States Senator for the District of Columbia view this letter
  • Universal Studios

    “In a short period of time, Platinum was able to recover 100% of my data and I was back in business planning and scheduling my pre-summer projects”

    Steve Hamm, Director of Technical Services view this letter
  • Los Angeles Mayor’s Office

    Data recovery for Los Angeles Mayor’s Office. Letter provided by Getty Foundation, the official mayoral residence of Los Angeles.

    Letter provided by Getty Foundation, the official mayoral residence of Los Angeles. view this letter
  • Conan O’Brien Team Coco

    “I’ve recommended them in the past and will continue to do so in the future. They’ve earned a lifetime customer in me. Can’t thank you guys enough!”

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  • Actress Jessica Biel

    “[Platinum Data Recovery] was very communicative during the process and were able to recover 99% of my data! You are life savers!”

    Iron Ocean Productions view this letter
  • HauteLook

    “I would personally like to thank David Green and the Platinum Data Recovery team for saving important data that  we needed to perform critical historical reports… Platinum Data Recovery was able to provide a great turn around on the data.”

    Mohamud Mahmoud, Sr. Systems Administrator view this letter
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  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs

    “Platinum Data Recovery has earned its reputation for expert data recovery, commitment to customer service, and ingenuity”

    M. Jillisa Steckart, M.Ed, Psy D, Administrative Director view this letter
  • Los Angeles Superior Court

    “[Platinum Data Recovery] are very professional and pleasant to work with. When I called them with this emergency situation, they helped us recover all the data in a few days”

    Luis Moreno, Computer Support Supervisor view this letter
  • eHarmony

    “While traveling to conference the drive in my Macbook Pro made a few suspicious nosies and refused to boot… I contacted Platinum Data Recovery and they quickly found out it was a hardware problem with one of the heads on the drive, and did an excellent job recovering all the data.”

    Vaclav Petricek, Principal Data Scientist view this letter
  • New Regency

    “Not only have you made my end-user a happy camper, but you also have gained a client to use Platinum Data Recovery as a standard vendor for future similar events. Feel free to use me as a reference if any future clients should ask for referrals”

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  • UCLA, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

    “I want to thank you and your team for all of your efforts for salvaging my files and years of work. You folks really know your profession – job well done.”

    Brian Damiata, PhD view this letter
  • Starbucks

    “Their staff was really helpful and professional. We have been very pleased with the service received from their data recovery laboratory.”

    Steve Mitchell, Assistant Manager view this letter
  • Insomniac Events

    “If we have any other data recovery needs in the future, we will not hesitate to contact Platinum again.”

    Bennett Sell-Kline, Director Photography Division | Insomniac Events view this letter
  • Cineflix Productions

    “Within 24 hours we learned that our footage had been recovered and that the project would live to see another day!”

    Corey Rogers, VP of Development view this letter
  • Gurney Productions

    “Platinum Data Recovery should be an immediate go-to for any production company seeking to recover lost data”

    Cecile Murias, Line Producer for "Duck Dynasty" view this letter
  • Emilie Autumn

    “I sent the drive over to Platinum with little hope… how could the GeekSquad get it so wrong? ….What they said I should basically toss, Platinum Data Recovery was not only able to mount, but go 99.9% of my data off of.”

    Singer, Songwriter view this letter
  • USC, School of Social Work

    “The people at Platinum Data Recovery are absolute Miracle Workers… [they] taught me a great lesson about backing up my data. I can’t thank them enough!!”

    Wynne R. Waugaman, PhD. Professor view this letter
  • Levin ~ Morris

    “…it would be a serious understatement to say that their recovery is an enormous relief and well worth the very reasonable cost.”

    Edward S. Levin, Principal view this letter
  • Arsenal FX

    “The data we thought would be unrecoverable proved to be no difficult task for your crack team. David, our engineer, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the process, and made it a stress-free experience.”

    Jameson De Santis view this letter
  • Hud:sun Media

    “I will recommend using this service anytime you are in an unfortunate bind and need a data recovery solution.”

    David Veet, Digital Production Manager view this letter
  • Automobile Club of Southern California

    “From my initial consultation with Sam through final delivery, I felt that my data was in good hands!!”

    Jay Mitchell view this letter
  • Energy Research Laboratory US Santa Barbara

    “I appreciate that [I] was contacted by phone an hour after I submitted my electronic quote request… To those who may encounter a total mechanical failure… rest assured there’s a group of professionals at Platinum Data Recovery that you can trust to recover the most precious data”

    Jeffrey Gerbec Ph.D, Senior Principal Scientist view this letter
  • Yelp

    “An average rating of 5 stars out of 5. Any way you slice it, that’s impressive. It’s official– People on Yelp love you!”

    Jeremy Stoppelman, Co-Founder and CEO view this letter
  • SFV Endodontics

    “it took less than 8 hours for them to recover 100% of my data. If you need emergency data recovery, call them directly and do not waste with for other places.”

    Kurosh Keikhan view this letter
  • Affinity Dental Group

    “Due to the urgent nature of the information needed, they promised to have it to me the next day! And they kept the word!”

    Babak Mikhak, DDS view this letter
  • California Dental Association

    “They exceeded my expectations… Thanks to everyone at Platinum Data Recovery – I couldn’t recommend them more.”

    Christal Irby, Registered Dental Hygienist view this letter
  • PXL

    “Platinum Data Recovery provided the tools and expertise required to successfully recover our most critical data. What’s more, they were able to do so within our budget, schedule, and with a high degree of professionalism”

    Ryan Villiers, Managing Partner, Digital Design & Strategy view this letter
  • Phantom Studios

    “Fast. Easy. Fairly priced. Job DONE. What more could anyone want?”

    Francis Gregory O'Toole, CEO view this letter
  • Folio HD

    “David and his team were able to recover all of our lost data and we got back online without any further hiccups. Put simply, these guys know what they’re doing”

    Cory Watilo view this letter
  • Zallez

    “These fine men resurrected my hard drive and recovered my information…they have golden hands and are able to perform miracles. They literally redeemed my business, my reputation, and my life.”

    Arayik Khachikyan view this letter
  • Corp Shorts Video Productions

    “We were thrilled that you were able to recover our footage and turn it aroudn in a timely manner. Your team was courteous and professional, and we would definitely use you in the future.”

    Catherine Gray, CEO view this letter
  • Golden State Water Company

    “Platinum Data Recovery was able to [recover my data] ina  very short amount of time for a very reasonable price. Your effort, professionalism, and expertise are greatly appreciated.”

    Frank M. Heldman - Water Supply Superintendent view this letter
  • Eva Care Group

    “I contacted Platinum Data Recovery and they were quick to respond [sic] and able to recover all lost data as well as exact image of the drive which saved us so much time!”

    Thanut Lanlua, IT Manager view this letter
  • 495 Productions

    [Platinum Data Recovery] was able to recover [my data] in one day… in addition to the fast turnaround, they were able to recover ALL of the data off my hard drive”

    Abbie Maley view this letter
  • Carpod

    “They are truly carinf and responsible people that anybody would love to work with… In the end, I was surprised with very good news and was told that everything in my hard drive was recovered”

    Martin Aghajanian, Granada Hills view this letter
  • FastXChange

    “More than anything, their customer service and care was exceptional from their point person to their engineers. I want to thank the entire crew for being so generous with their time and assistance to help recover the data”

    The FastXChange Team view this letter
  • L&Z Photography

    “The best customer support there is… [Platinum Data Recovery] is certainly the best data recovery service in Los Angeles. Period.”

    Lauren Hill view this letter
  • Rollin’ Dice Productions

    “Everyone in their staff was friendly, professional, and clearly explained the process, chances, and cost fo data recovery. You succeeded brilliantly where the Geek Squad had failed!”

    C. Chill, President/CEO view this letter
  • Roxboro Entertainment

    “I had some very important footage on a hard drive that went faulty before I had a chance to back up on another drive. …I was pleasantly surprised by the news he gave me. A few days later, he confirmed that all of the data I needed had been recovered and was ready for pick up. …You guys are awesome!”

    Monica Rodman, Director of Visual and Social Media view this letter
  • Envision International

    “Platinum was a tremendous life saver and I would recommend your company to anyone who may have a similar problem with the possible loss of their valuable data.”

    Darryl Soon, Principal view this letter
  • Ultimate Autoline

    “[Platinum Data Recovery] promised me 95% of my data would be recovered. Then, after one week, they called me and told me they were bale to recover 100% of my data”

    Majid Ghassemieh view this letter
  • Beachbody

    “From the get-go, everything went as smooth as one could hope. [Platinum Data Recovery] was fast, courteous, and most importantly honest with what the process entailed.”

    Nicholas Hybl, Post-Production Engineer view this letter
  • Cosmetica Latina

    “Since [we had] very valuable data, we decided to let experts handle data recovery. 100% of my data was recovered by Platinum Data Recovery”

    Julie Landeros view this letter
  • QuickPouch

    “Everyone I’ve dealt with has been professional and helpful, the service was afforable and fast, and beyond all that, they were able to essentially save my life”

    Evan LaRocca, Director of Marketing view this letter
  • Flying Wong Productions

    “We thought we lost our project, but your company helped immensely by giving us a speedy evaluation that gave us confidence we could recover the media safely.”

    Michael Closson, Post-Production Supervisor view this letter
  • Forget Me Not

    “These people are the best at what they do and provide quick and efficient solutions.”

    Emily Stanford view this letter
  • Jewel Box Platinum

    “Platinum Data Recovery was a life saver. Not only did they recover ALL of our valuable data, they did so in a timely and professional manner. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff was a pleasure to work with”

    Deb Lotz, Owner view this letter
  • Contract Services Administration Trust Fund

    “…I am impressed by the timeliness and skill you demonstrated while recovering our data. I would recommend your company to anyone who finds themselves in need of data recovery.”

    Denise LaMonica, Director of Information Technology view this letter
  • Streamline Shippers & Affiliates

    “I choose PDR because of their website’s testimonial page from companies and institutions I am familiar with. I am happy to tell you; those testimonials are the true example of the service provided by PDR.”

    Clay Camero, Director of Sales and Marketing view this letter
  • Pioneertown Motel

    “The staff was really helpfula dn professional. We are very happy with the service we have received and will tell anyone needing a data recovery specialist that this is the place to go!”

    Scott & Stacie Samuels view this letter
  • Qontrol Devices Inc.

    “David and his team are really helpful. We have been very pleased with their service and technical support.”

    Jerry Cheng - Operations Manager view this letter
  • Pyrramid Films, LLC

    “When I first contacted Platinum Data Recovery Services I was impressed by their professionalism, which continued throughout my experience in dealing with them….[they] were able to recover my data through their processes at a reasonable price and in a timely manner”

    Alfred Hollenberger view this letter
  • UCLA

    “What I like about Platinum Data Recovery is that all of my emails and phone calls received prompt replies, and I am especially relieved that all my files were recovered”

    Seth Putterman, Professor view this letter
  • Keck Medical Center of USC

    “[I] commend your company for the data recovery that was performed on my behalf. I had a great fortune that you promptly recovered all of [my files].”

    Dr. Jean-Christophe Bernhard MD, PHD view this letter
  • Los Angeles County

    “Platinum Data Recovery saved countless scanned documents. The full gamut; taxes, diplomas, certificates and more. Platinum Data recovery saved the day, and quite frankly, hours and hours of my time.”

    Craig McClellan, Deputy Sheriff view this letter
  • Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

    “Platinum is a house of magicians, and David is a Wizard amongst magicians. He basically saved almost every single bit of my data. While others would have quit, he made multiple attempts to extract as much as possible. …If you find yourself in a similar situation, call Platinum Data Recovery.”

    Guy Wiener, Executive Chef view this letter
  • Genessy Management & Development LLC

    “Platinum Data Recovery’s group of technicians and engineers took a tremendous job and they could recover 100% of my data and saved my business info. Thanks to Platinum Data Recovery for their quick data recovery services”

    Genny Alberts view this letter
  • Bermuda Systems, Inc.

    “[Platinum Data Recovery] did a great job recovering the data my client needed in a timely manner. I love that you guys had great communication regarding the status of the recovery”

    Gagik Gevorkian view this letter
  • Calvary Christian School

    “Within a week I received a phone call with the great news that all my data had been recovered. This company is the best, very polite and friendly staff. Very professional work.”

    Stanley Ardon, Director of IT view this letter
  • Wayne State University

    “I am writing to thank all of the staff at Platinum Data Recovery, and to commend you on both great work and excellent customer service. After my hard drive was dropped, twice, and after another data recovery company was unable to recover anything from the drive”

    view this letter
  • TheUltimatePleasures

    “PDR got 100% of my data back. The whole process took 6 working days, that includes diagnostic and actual recovery”

    Steve Morin, Sales Dept. Manager view this letter
  • Feldman Law Group, P.C.

    “Although our case was a complex case, [Platinum Data Recovery] was very thorough and diligent in getting our data back to us. I am very pleased with the work that Platinum Data Recovery did for us.”

    Jack Finkel, Attorney at Law view this letter
  • Eskimo Creative

    “We will definitely be returning to them in the future if we have any other Data Issues. They were fast, easy to talk to, and we have much more peace of mind knowing that they are just around the corner.”

    Scott Hanson, Editor view this letter
  • Oceanside High School

    Oceanside High School

    view this letter
  • Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Inc.

    “We are so glad that we brought our hard drive to Platinum Data Recovery. [Their] reputation definitely precedes [them], and we were not disappointed.”

    Tatiana Prophet, Office Manager view this letter
  • Woodhill Film Group

    “It took them 5 business days to recover 100% of my data. I’m very happy with their services”

    James Ursini, Producer & Writer view this letter
  • Savitsky, Satin & Bacon Co.

    “From the first time I spoke with the staff I knew I was dealing with professionals who would handle my situation with care, concern and hard work. …The level of customer service I received was exceptional.”

    Jay Barr, Chief Operating Officer view this letter
  • Robin Haim

    “The people at Platinum Data Recovery were very professional, and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs data recovery.”

    Beverly Hills, CA view this letter
  • The Law Office of Patrick N. Bailey, P.A.

    “I know I made your job more difficult by trying to fix my drive at home and in the future I hope no one makes that same mistake. Leave it to the professionals like the Platinum Data Recovery Team.”

    Patrick N. Bailey, Esq., Fort Myers, Florida view this letter
  • Starfire Auto

    “Ultimately, we came across Platinum Data Recovery, and from start to finish, we must admit that the level of service was superb!”

    Khadidja Benselim, President view this letter
  • Shadow Magic Studios

    “Always keeping us in the loop of the progress and made us feel safe and confident that our little hard drive babies were in good hands. I’m happy (and very relieved) to report. ALL data was successfully recovered. Highly Recommend.”

    Jordan Maltby | Asst. Editor / DIT / VFX Artist | Meg Ryans "ITHACA" view this letter
  • Montana Meth Project

    “Thank you Platinum Data Recovery, You are a hero today and I’ll recommend you to anyone who faces a similar nightmare.”

    view this letter
  • Brian Leahy Photography

    “I wanted to sincerely thank you and Platinum Data Recovery for your fantastic service.”

    view this letter