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Angelbird Data Recovery

Looking for Angelbird data recovery? If so, your search ends here! Nobody likes data loss scenarios but it’s a part of life. Even if you keep your memory cards and flash drives safely, data loss is something unavoidable. But if your Angelbird memory card or any other device has failed, you don’t need to worry about losing your valuable data. At Platinum Data Recovery, you can find the perfect solution for all your data loss-related woes. We can recover data from damaged, wet, or inaccessible Angelbird data storage devices. As compared to other professionals, we offer the fastest standard service turnaround time. Whether you’re using Angelbird SSD or Angelbird memory card, we provide data recovery services for all devices and can handle any type of media damage. We have the highest data recovery success rate in the industry.

Angelbird Data Recovery

Angelbird products we work with include, but are not limited to:

Memory cards

• AV PRO CFexpress
• AV PRO CFexpress XT
• SDXC™ | UHS-II | V60
• SDXC™ | UHS-II | V90


• Portable SSD2GO PKT MK2
• Portable SSD2GO PKT XT
• Internal SSD WRK XT
• Internal SSD WINGS MX2

Common Angelbird Problems

Angelbird solid-state drives (SSDs) are easy to use and provide faster loading times. Likewise, Angelbird memory cards are a great data storage option. However, all these products are susceptible to damage. Sometimes, files stored on SD cards become invisible or corrupt. You may also encounter a problem where Angelbird CFAST card becomes undetectable. These problems occur due to the malfunctioning of internal components, degrading memory cells, or failed controller chip.

SD card users may also get error messages when data gets corrupted due to sudden loss of power. Your files may become inaccessible when the memory card is improperly removed or infected by malware. SSD users may also encounter similar issues that make professional data recovery imperative. Recovering data from damaged Angelbird memory cards and SSDs can be complex but Platinum Data Recovery can restore lost files from virtually any type of storage device. We have handled the cases that were rejected by other service providers. This means that if we can’t recover your data, then we can confidently say that no-one can.

We utilize the latest technologies to read, reconstruct, restore, and recover encrypted data from Solid State Drives (SSDs). Our team can recover data from storage devices that suffer data loss due to:

• Physical damage
• Accidental deletion
• Reformatting SD cards, USB, SSDs
• Errors resulting from moving files
• Partially overwritten files
• Fire, water, or other physical damage
• Corrupted SD card
• And much more

As the certified data recovery professionals, we make sure to keep your data safe and confidential. We have developed tools and technology that allow us to retrieve lost files from all types of flash memory devices. To restore your files, we will first determine the cause of data loss to figure out the steps necessary to complete your particular recovery case. If you approve the quote provided by our team then our engineers will continue with the recovery effort, validate the data, and place it on a suitable replacement media. Contact us today for quick, efficient, and safe data recovery.


My Angelbird SSD has failed, how can I recover data from it?

To recover data from failed Angelbird SSD, you need to first identify the reason behind its failure. The process of recovering data depends on whether the SSD has failed due to logical drive failure, physical failure, or both physical and logical failure. You may use top-rated data recovery software in the case of logical failure. However, DIY data recovery is risky for physical failure or both physical and logical damage. It’s better to avoid using software because there is a chance of causing further media damage.

Is it possible to recover data from the Angelbird CFexpress card?

Whether you’re using Angelbird CFexpress card, CFAST card, or any other memory card, data is recoverable in most cases. Stop using your corrupted memory card to avoid overwriting and contact Platinum Data Recovery.

What are the possible causes of SSD failure and data loss?

Your solid-state drive may suffer physical or logical failure due to various reasons. Some common causes of data loss include failure of electrical components, damage of the capacitor, failure of controller chip, development of bad sectors, water or fire damage, malware, printed circuit board damage, incorrect firmware updates, short-circuit, corrupted flash chips, and more.

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About Angelbird

Angelbird Technologies GmbH designs and manufactures data storage devices for both consumer and enterprise markets. Founded in 2011, this Austrian computer electronics company specializes in creating camera-specific memory and workflow solutions. Angelbird produces internal and external solid-state drives, as well as memory cards, all in-house. Angelbird has developed Crest SSDs that are fitted with a UPS. The company also offers an external USB3 SSD2go mobile storage device, the fastest external SSD in the world. The Angelbird SSD2go and SSD2go TWIN 480GB (240GB x 2) are some of the best available external SSD USB 3.0 in the market with brilliant raw performance.

There’s no doubt about the performance of Angelbird products. However, even the best SSDs and memory cards are subject to physical and mechanical damages. Your Angelbird SSD or CFAST card may malfunction due to some unexpected reasons. This can be due to water or fire damage, virus infection, accidental dropping, unsafe ejection, or voltage fluctuation. When data stored on the Angelbird memory card get corrupted or Angelbird SSD goes bad, data recovery is typically impossible without professional help. At Platinum Data Recovery, we make sure to recover your critical data in the safest way possible. Our in-house data recovery experts specialize in retrieving lost files from all types of devices, including Angelbird SSDs and memory cards.

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