Quantum Data Recovery

Quantum Data Recovery

Quantum Corporation was founded in 1980 in San Jose, California. The company’s first project was developing an 8-inch hard drive that could operate efficiently without using a closed-loop servo system. Originally they developed drives using the same system, until 1986 with their first drive that used embedded servo. They later produced the ProDrive series: their first product to support ATA. In the mid 90’s they were acquiring tape storage companies and expanding into tape technology. They became a leader in tape storage products and libraries.

They continued making strides with their hard disk drives until 2001, when they sold their HDD business to Maxtor (later purchased by Seagate). They continued producing tape storage solutions and began working on disk-based back up products. In 2011, they jumped into VM and cloud data protection. The hardware they developed, the vmPRO products, won “Backup Hardware Product of the Year”, and came highly recommended by Xerox.

Quantum Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Quantum Atlas Series
  • Quantum Atlas Ultra & Ultra II
  • Quantum ProDrive Series
  • Quantum ProDrive IDE
  • Quantum Fireball Series
  • Quantum Fireball IDE
  • Quantum Bigfoot Series
  • Quantum Trail Blazer Series
  • Quantum IDE Hard Drives

For more possible drives used in Quantum Products, reference Maxtor & Seagate

Common Problems

Quantum hard disk drives can suffer from bad read/write heads just as any other HDD. You will typically hear a clicking, or ticking sound coming from the drive. Occasionally they can develop bad sectors, which when it attempts to read will cause the drive to freeze or not spin up at all. Logical problems can affect them as well, such as viruses, malware or any other malicious program. If the drive is not booting up correctly, do not use downloaded software to attempt to fix the issue. If any unusual noises are heard, power down the device immediately and give us a call. Running the drive could cause further damage to the platters and possibly result in permanent data loss.

Why Choose Us?

While Quantum drives may not be as common to see these days, you can trust the engineers at Platinum Data Recovery to know what to do! We have over 15 years of experience handling everything from broken read/write heads to burnt printed circuit boards. We have onsite an ISO 5 Class 100 Certified clean room, allowing us to open your drives is sterile, safe, and secure environment. In addition to this, we have accumulated a plethora of software and custom made programs that enable us to retrieve the data from your damaged drive. When your drive fails, don’t hesitate and put your precious files at risk… Call Platinum Data Recovery today!