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Seagate Data Recovery

If you’re looking for Seagate data recovery, look no further! For the damaged or faulty HDDs and SSDs, we have an efficient and quick Seagate data recovery solution. Seagate storage devices are dependable, but often they develop logical issues or suffer electrical failure. Platinum Data Recovery can restore lost files from Seagate external storage, Seagate internal hard drives, Seagate portable storage, and Seagate internal SSD storage. We have data extraction tools and techniques to handle different types of data loss cases. Whether it’s Seagate SSD or Seagate hard drive, our technicians can recover data from any failed or broken drive. Using our latest & advanced data extraction tools and techniques, we can handle failures ranging from logical data recovery like deleted and formatted data, to electronic failure and physical damage.

Seagate Data Recovery

Seagate Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• Seagate BarraCuda Internal Hard Drive HDD
• Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS Internal HDD
• Seagate STHN2000400 Backup Plus Slim External HDD
• Seagate FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drive Performance SSHD
• Seagate HDD Exos Enterprise Hard Drive
• Seagate Backup Plus Hub External Desktop HDD
• Seagate Expansion Desktop External HDD
• Seagate Backup Plus Slim External HDD
• Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance Internal Hard Drive
• Seagate STGD4000400 Game Drive
• Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch External HDD
• Seagate Barracuda Pro Performance Internal HDD
• Seagate BarraCuda Pro SATA HDD
• FreeAgent GoFlex Desk & Portable External Drives
• Momentus Series Internal Laptop Hard Drives
• Terascale Desktop Hard Drives

Common Problems

Seagate Technology hard drives are not immune to problems, including failure of the printed circuit board (PCB), a break in the reader-head mechanism, and problems with the structure. Broken or stuck reader-heads are especially problematic, as they can cause physical damage to the hard drive platters, where the data is stored. The platters of a hard drive are so sensitive, in fact, that they must only be opened in an ISO 5 Class 100 and above clean rooms to prevent further harm. Failures of the PCB will most often prevent the hard drive from even spinning up. However, several of the Seagate hard drives have their encryption built into the printed circuit board, making the replacement of one a complicated task. Breakdowns in the structure of the drive can cause files to be corrupted or incomplete. This problem requires a logical solution to repair the broken structure and reassemble the damaged files.

Why Choose Us?

The certified engineers at Platinum Data Recovery are well versed in these common problems and beyond for Seagate Technology products. We have an on-site in-house ISO 5 Class 100 certified cleanroom allowing us to safely and securely open your hard drive to get right to the heart of the matter. Over the years, Platinum Data Recovery has built relationships with hard drive vendors around the globe. These relationships give us the ability to track down the exact parts needed to extract the data from any hard drive, no matter how rare. As a result, Platinum Data Recovery engineers can get a hard drive up and running long enough to extract as much data as possible to get it back into your hands. For logical problems, Platinum Data Recovery has a collection of software programs– including some of our own custom-built ones– which allow us to repair structures and virtually put the corrupted data back together. Therefore, it is easy to see why we at Platinum Data Recovery are very confident in our ability to recover data from any damaged hard drive even when other companies can’t or won’t.

Seagate Data Recovery

You may lose data from your Seagate hard drive and other media devices due to several reasons. But even if you’ve lost your data due to accidental deletion or formatting, the files are still somewhere on your Seagate external hard disk. There is a chance of recovering your data since when you delete files or format the device, the space that the files occupy is only marked as “available to reuse”. Although you can’t access, edit, copy or read the deleted data, it’s still possible to get it back. However, to recover your Seagate deleted data, you need to stop saving new data onto your disk. Overwriting new data makes data recovering more complicated or even impossible. Seagate offers recovery software but often users fail to retrieve their lost documents. And when this happens, we come to their rescue.

Seagate is the biggest supplier of digital data storage in the world. It is popular for producing external hard drives that are of high quality and high capacity. Seagate devices are used by numerous companies and individuals to store data. Seagate storage devices are popular but users can’t avoid a data loss disaster. At Platinum Data Recovery, we offer the best possible solutions to recover your data from Seagate hard drives and other storage media. With years of experience in data recovery, we have become competent to retrieve lost data successfully from all Seagate storage devices – Categories and Models.


Can you recover data from my Seagate hard drive that was accidentally formatted?

Yes, our data recovery experts can recover data from Seagate hard drive that was formatted, erased, and even re-partitioned! Our team has years of experience to recover data from all types of hard drives. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory to recover terabytes of critical data.

What is the difference between Seagate HDD physical damage and logical error?

The cause of data loss is categorized into logical vs. physical damage. By determining the cause of data loss it becomes easier to figure out which solutions may be required for successful data recovery. Data stored on a Seagate hard drive may get corrupted due to logical errors that are a result of power outages, malicious viruses, system crashes, or user error. These issues result in making data stored on drive inaccessible. Physical damage, on the other hand, is caused due to mechanical failures like a head crash, faulty circuit boards (PCBs), failed motors, or dropping the drive.

Why is an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom required for Data Recovery?

Storage devices are delicate and require a certified cleanroom to minimize the chances of further damage. An ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom is a special environment that is free from dust and other contamination. All hard drive manufacturers recommend this environment for performing data recovery operations. It is even more important for data recovery operations that require opening the hard drive. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have certified ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom labs, world-class tools, and qualified engineers to safely recover your inaccessible data from all kind of NAS Servers, HDD, SSD, RAID, and more.

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About Seagate

One of the world’s largest producers of memory storage devices and products is Seagate Technology. Based in Dublin, Seagate storage solutions include hard disk drives (HDD), Solid State drives (SSD) and Cloud-based systems. The Backup Plus, Expansion, GoFlex and FreeAgent external hard drive models cover the entire spectrum of external data storage. Seagate produces desktop hard drives, NAS and RAID specialized desktop hard drives and industry revolutionizing Hybrid Solid State-Hard Disk to allow for maximum storage and speed. When it comes to Laptop hard drives, Seagate offers some of the thinnest and lightest hard drives in production. In addition to their physical specifications, Seagate drives also offer various levels of encryption, a wonderful added tool keeping your data as safe as possible from potential threats.

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