Seagate Data Recovery


One of the world’s largest producers of memory storage devices and products is Seagate Technology. Based in Dublin, Seagate storage solutions include hard disk drives (HDD), Solid State drives (SSD) and Cloud-based systems. The Backup Plus, Expansion, GoFlex and FreeAgent external hard drive models covers the entire spectrum of external data storage. Seagate produces desktop hard drives, NAS and RAID specialized desktop hard drives and industry revolutionizing Hybrid Solid State-Hard Disk to allow for maximum storage and speed. When it comes to Laptop hard drives, Seagate offers some of the thinnest and lightest hard drives in production. In addition to their physical specifications, Seagate drives also offer various levels of encryption, a wonderful added tool keeping your data as safe as possible from potential threats.

Seagate Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Backup Plus Desktop Drive
  • Backup Plus Desktop Drive for Mac
  • Seagate Central (Personal Cloud System)
  • Expansion Desktop
  • FreeAgent GoFlex Desk & Portable External Drives
  • Barracuda Series Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  • Enterprise Class Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  • Momentus Series Internal Laptop Hard Drives
  • Laptop Thin & Ultrathin Series
  • Ultra Mobile Hard Drives
  • Terascale Desktop Hard Drives

Common Problems

Seagate Technology hard drives are not immune to problems, including failure of the printed circuit board (PCB), a break in the reader-head mechanism, and problems with the structure. Broken or stuck reader-heads are especially problematic, as they can cause physical damage to the hard drive platters, where the data is stored. The platters of a hard drive are so sensitive, in fact, that they must only be opened in Class 100 ISO Class 5 and above clean rooms to prevent further harm. Failures of the PCB will most often prevent the hard drive from even spinning up. However, several of the Seagate hard drives have their encryption built into the printed circuit board, making the replacement of one a complicated task. Breakdowns in the structure of the drive can cause files to be corrupted or incomplete. This problem requires a logical solution to repair the broken structure and piece back together the damaged files.

Why Choose Us?

The certified engineers at Platinum Data Recovery are well versed in these common problems and beyond for Seagate Technology products. We have an on-site in-house ISO 100 Class 5 certified clean room allowing us to safely and securely open your hard drive to get right to the heart of the matter. Over the years, Platinum Data Recovery has built relationships with hard drive vendors around the globe. These relationships give us the ability to track down the exact parts needed to extract the data from any hard drive, no matter how rare. As a result, Platinum Data Recovery engineers can get a hard drive up and running long enough to extract as much data as possible to get it back into your hands. For logical problems, Platinum Data Recovery has a collection of software programs– including some of our own custom built ones– which allow us to repair structures and virtually put the corrupted data back together. Therefore, it is easy to see why we at Platinum Data Recovery are very confident in our ability to recover data from any damaged hard drive even when other companies can’t or won’t.