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ADATA Data Recovery

A sudden loss of valuable files from ADATA devices can be troublesome. But at Platinum Data Recovery, we use the best techniques to provide you safe and effective ADATA data recovery services. Our team can retrieve your lost data from all ADATA storage products. We have many years of engineering experience with ADATA devices like SSDs, external hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. We pride ourselves in being the leaders for secure data recovery from any type of ADATA device. Our technicians are highly trained in every type of storage hardware and software. So, if your ADATA SSD, hard drive, USB drive, or SD card has failed, our data recovery specialists are ready to help you recover your data. We are proficient in recovering lost files from storage devices of any manufacturer or configuration.

ADATA Data Recovery

ADATA products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• ADATA HD770G External Hard Drive
• ADATA HM800 external hard drive
• ADATA HV320 external HDD
• ADATA HD680 1TB/2TB External Hard Drive
• ADATA HD830 External HDD
• ADATA HD330 external hard drive
• ADATA HV300 external hard drive
• ADATA HD710M Pro 1TB/2TB External Hard Drive
• ADATA HD710 Pro external HDD
• ADATA HV620S portable hard drive
• ADATA HD720 External Hard Drive
• ADATA SC685P external SSD
• ADATA SC685 external SSD
• SE760 external SSD
• SC680 SSD
• SE800 external solid-state drive
• SD600Q SSD
• Adata XPG SX8200 Pro SSD
• SD700 SSD
• Ultimate SU800 Internal Solid State Drive
• UV360 USB flash drive
• UV260 flash drive
• UV350 flash drive
• ADATA UE700 Pro USB flash drive
• ADATA UD330 USB flash drives
• UD230 USB flash drive
• UC370 USB OTG Flash Drive
• ADATA i-Memory AI720 Flash drive
• ADATA microSDXC/SDHC UHS-I cards
• Premier microSDXC/SDHC UHS-I Class 10 memory cards
• Premier Pro microSDXC/SDHC
• ADATA microSDHC Class 4
• Premier ONE microSDXC UHS-II memory cards
• Premier ONE SDXC UHS-II memory cards

ADATA Data Loss Issues

ADATA memory products provide great storage solutions, but like any other brand product, data loss can be an issue. Users may lose data stored on their ADATA memory card or USB flash drive due to many reasons. Whether you’ve lost data from SSD, HDD, USB drive, or memory card, we can recover lost files from all ADATA devices. Whether your hard drive is unresponsive or the data stored on your SSD got corrupted, our data recovery specialists can retrieve your files regardless of operating system or format.

At Platinum Data Recovery, we understand how important your data is.  Whether you’re a big organization or a college student, we treat all our clients equally. Our data recovery team is committed to recovering your lost data as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art tools, we can recover even those files that other data recovery companies said were impossible. Our data recovery engineers have deep knowledge of the data recovery process to provide the finest recovery solutions for all types of storage media and file systems. As an industry leader, our data recovery service is approved by all major storage device manufacturers. When you choose us, your data will remain secure, safe, and confidential.

We Can Help You with Data Recovery

For our data recovery specialists, no issue is too big! Our team can handle even the most complex data recovery cases. Our experts can recover data from any type of failures including mechanical, electronic, logical issues, and even re-partitions. Our goal is to restore your crucial files- no matter how you lost them. We can recover your data if:

-Your hard drive is making a clicking noise.
-You have dropped your hard drive.
-You cannot access your data due to corruption.
-Your USB flash drive connector is bent or broken.
-Your USB flash drive is overheating.
-Your data is deleted or formatted


Is ADATA a reliable brand for SSD?

ADATA SSDs are well made and reasonably priced. However, no brand is immune to failures and ADATA SSDs are also vulnerable to damage and data loss. Regardless of the brand you choose, all SSDs may encounter some issues that lead to unexpected failures. Compared to hard drives, SSDs are more reliable.

But this doesn’t mean that SSDs fail-proof. Whether you’re using ADATA SSD or any other brand, no storage technology or brand is perfect. Even the most advanced SSDs are susceptible to sudden or gradual failure.

What are the common causes of ADATA product failure?

Drive failure can happen at an inopportune time. Similar to any other brand, ADATA SSDs may develop issues due to physical damage, bad sectors in the drive, short circuits, and damage from viruses. Also, when SSD users attempt to upgrade their firmware for better performance, they often end up suffering data loss. This happens if the firmware upgrade is interrupted or fails.

What should I do to keep my data stored on SSD safe?

To avoid SSD failure and subsequent data loss, make sure you’re using the device safely. Always disconnect the device properly and keep some free space to ensure that the drive is not heavily overloaded. Also, make sure your computer is running the latest OS, and don’t forget to maintain regular backups.

About ADATA Technology

Founded in May 2001, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is a memory component manufacturer. The company specializes in providing DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid-state drives, and portable hard drives. As the leading memory brand, ADATA aims to offer high-quality memory solutions. With years of experience, the company has emerged as a reliable source of memory products that enhance customers’ digital life.

ADATA has also established itself as a well-known company selling PC gaming hardware and accessories under the XPG brand. Besides this, the Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer is now expanding into new areas also such as robotics and electric powertrain systems. With the technical expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, ADATA Technology has established itself as a trusted memory brand with the most award-winning product designs. With a dedication to integrity and professionalism, the company has won many of the most recognized international awards.

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