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NAS Data Recovery

Are you struggling to access your data? If you need an expert data recovery solution for failed NAS Device, Platinum Data Recovery is one of the best NAS Data Recovery providers. As an expert in data recovery services, we can recover lost data from all NAS devices. Our team has extensive knowledge of NAS Server Data Recovery of all kinds of storage. We have the expertise to successfully recover data from any model of NAS/SAN storage.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device connected to a PC or Laptop via the network. It stores crucial data and provides access to data at the file & folder level rather than at the sector level. Network Attached Storage devices are used by big organizations, as well as small businesses to provide a centralized storage location for data that can be accessed on a network. Some NAS devices consist of only one drive but most of the NAS units are multi-disk storage systems, with RAID technology linking their hard drives. The most commonly used layouts in NAS are RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5.

NAS Data Recovery

Common NAS Data Recovery Problems

The Common Causes of NAS Storage System Failures Include:

• Failed hard disk drive(s) in the array
• Overwritten Storage Configuration
• Failed RAID Rebuilding
• Power Surge in Power Connector
• Deleted Snapshots or VMware
• Meta-Data Corruption
• Data Management Errors, and more

NAS server may fail due to several reasons but the most common cause of data loss is multiple hard disk failure. A single hard drive failure doesn’t cause much trouble, however, if more than one drive fails, it may lead to the NAS Server Crash. You may also lose data if the hardware which controls the hard drives in the server gets damaged. In all such possible situations, you need the services of a NAS data recovery expert.

Expert Solution for NAS Data Recovery

Have you lost important files stored on the NAS drives due to some kind of physical or logical failure? Data loss can occur due to many reasons such as accidental formatting, mistaken deletion, data corruption, malware attack, and software issues. No matter how you’ve lost your data, we can help you restore it. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have NAS data recovery specialists to retrieve lost files as quickly as possible. Our team uses the latest technology and advanced equipment which allows us to work with RAID of various levels and types. We have the expertise to recover lost data from standard RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1E, RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID 6, etc.), nested arrays (RAID level 10, 50, 60, 50E, etc.), custom RAID, as well as vendor-specific configurations, such as Drobo BeyondRAID.

NAS data retrieval is complex but our engineers have experience with virtually all failure scenarios and hardware configurations. As a leader in professional data recovery, we can quickly restore your files at reasonable rates. Whether it’s a mechanical, electronic, or logical failure, we know the best techniques to ensure successful data recovery.


What are the common causes of data loss for NAS units?

Network Attach Storage (NAS) connects directly to the network and is used for file storage and data protection. These storage devices provide data security but that mainly depends on the fault tolerance capabilities of the system. The advanced NAS systems use RAID to achieve redundancy. However, users may still suffer data loss if multiple hard drives fail. This often happens during rebuild procedures or power surges. In addition to this, device failure and data loss may also occur due to physical damage or logical error like file corruption, accidental deletion, and virus attacks.

Is it possible to recover data stored on my NAS with the help of data recovery software?

When it comes to recovering data from a NAS or RAID system, all sorts of DIY data recovery methods should be avoided. This is because these systems are complex and a minor mistake could render the device useless. When users attempt DIY recovery with the help of data recovery software, most probably they end up causing further media damage and file corruption. In the event of data loss, fixing the issue and retrieving files can be tricky. But at Platinum Data Recovery, we have the expertise to recover lost data from NAS, SAN, and other complex systems.

What should I do to minimize the downtime after a NAS appliance failure?

To prevent further damage, turn off your NAS system as soon as you notice any signs of media failure. It is recommended to avoid repairing or reconfiguring your NAS unit. To get your NAS back running, find an emergency data recovery service.

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Fast, Secure, and Confidential NAS Data Recovery Service

When NAS fails, you need fast and secure data recovery services. Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are commonly used by businesses to get a centralized data storage location that can be accessed on a network. At Platinum Data Recovery, we understand that losing your business data can cause significant downtime. We not only recover your lost data but also make sure to maintain the confidentiality of your business documents. We have a vast knowledge of NAS server data recovery to effectively maintain your network after any type of failure. As a world leader in professional data recovery, we are well-equipped to quickly recover data from any model NAS/SAN storage. We provide data recovery services for all types of NAS appliances at reasonable rates.

Your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device can fail due to several reasons such as multiple hard drive failures, hardware malfunctions, or a software issue. Our team of qualified NAS data recovery experts can handle mechanical, electronic, and logical failures. We have the experience to deal with all failure scenarios and hardware configurations. In an event of NAS data loss, our team is available to help you and offer expedited emergency data recovery service 24/7. To ensure the confidentiality of your business and personal data, we follow strict protocols and maintain a nondisclosure agreement.

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