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Maxone Data Recovery

When it comes to Maxone data recovery, Platinum Data Recovery engineers work around the clock to bring back every bit of data you have lost. Our goal is to restore your lost/ inaccessible data in the shortest time possible. When your Maxone hard fails or gets broken, we know how to recover your precious data. As the data recovery specialists, we can easily retrieve lost data from damaged Maxone hard disk drives, solid-state drives, as well as RAID arrays, NAS units, USB flash drives, and memory cards of all types, brands, and kinds. Our team can recovers data from hard drives with faulty read-write heads, spindle motor seizure, or faulty controller PCB’s. We also know the best techniques to bring back deleted or formatted data.

Maxone hard drives are popular because of their ultra-fast transfer speed. Powered by USB 3.0 technology, Maxone portable hard drives are much faster than USB 2.0 devices. It can be connected to any USB port in your console but connecting your hard drive to a USB 3.0 port maximizes its performance.

Maxone Data Recovery

What we offer

Maxone external data storage devices are ready to use with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. These compact and lightweight devices don’t need software installation and additional power supply. The huge capacity and fast transfer speed of Maxone hard drives make these devices best for storing all of your important files, movies, music, pictures, video games, etc. However, formatting the drive will erase all the stored data. Sometimes, a user may have trouble finding the connected USB drive in the Windows file manager. When this happens, it’s recommended to check the disk management window.

When data stored on Maxone external hard drive becomes inaccessible due to drive formatting or deletion, we can help you. Even if Maxone hard drive is not working, not showing up, or gets virus-infected, our team can recover your lost files. Sometimes, users also lose data because they press shift + delete by mistake or permanently empty recycle bin accidentally. In all possible data loss scenarios, Platinum Data Recovery offers the best hard drive data recovery solutions.

Maxone products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• Maxone Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive
• Maxone Upgrade 2.5” Portable HDD
• Maxone Internal Solid State Drive
• Maxone Flash Drive 2-in-1 Ultra Dual Memory Stick Drive


My Maxone hard drive has got damaged. Should I freeze it to recover my data?

If your Maxone hard drive has damaged, don’t make a mistake of freezing it. When the head of the drive (the small magnetic end to the arm inside the drive) is stuck, freezing may help to contract or shrink it a little so that you get 5 to 10 minutes of drive life to get some data off it. However, if the head has crashed, freezing your drive will only make things worse and data recovery more complex.

What does low disk space error on Maxone HDD mean?

It means that your Maxone hard drive space is filled and you need to uninstall programs and clean up temporary folders. However, if your data is important and deleting is not an option, you need to buy a larger hard drive to meet your data storage needs.

What are the bad sectors?

All hard drives have metal platters that are sealed in an airtight chassis. If anyhow a speck of dust or smoke reaches this chassis or fragment of the platter(s) are exposed to the magnetic needle that reads the data, it creates a problem. You can find these bad sectors by running Scandisk or CHKDSK on the Windows OS. Few bad sectors don’t create a problem but when the number of bad sectors increases it’s better to buy a new hard drive before this old drive fails and causes data loss.

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Recover Missing, Formatted or Deleted Files from your Maxone

Have you lost your lost important data from internal or external HDD due to formatting, deletion, virus attack, or physical damage? Irrespective of the nature, severity or circumstance of the data loss, we can restore lost data in all possible situations. At Platinum Data Recovery, we understand that no two recoveries are the same. Whether your Maxone hard drive is physically damaged or crashed, we have the right data recovery solution for you. We can tackle any damage- physical or logical that result in the loss of your precious data. As a Professional Data Recovery Service, we assure up to 100% recovery of your data from all types of Hard Drives, irrespective of model and make. We have a team of dedicated data recovery specialist who has experience in determining the best course of action for your hard disk recovery.

Whether it was an accidental delete or if your files have gone missing, our data recovery engineers know the best techniques to retrieve lost or inaccessible files. Sometimes, hard drives face mechanical failures and start making clicking and/or grinding noise. Maxone hard drive may also suffer a mechanical failure due to a head crash and/or motor failure. For all such issues, we have cleanroom data recovery labs to perform safe data recovery operations. In case of logical failure when you cannot access some or all of your files, our data recovery experts can restore your lost data in the quickest possible time.

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