Silicon Power Data Recovery

SiliconPower Data Recovery

Silicon power was founded in 2003 in Taiwan, and has always produced their products to have an attractive and versatile design. They began opening new offices in 2004, the same year they became one of the top 3 brands in Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. The company has stood out in many competitions and has received a great deal of award throughout the years. By 2010 they had a branch in nearly every major country, and in 2011 began producing their popular Armor external drive series providing competition against LaCie’s Rugged line. Since then, they have been consistently introducing innovative and durable external hard drive casings, as well as reporting considerable revenue growth.

Silicon Power Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • SP Stream Series
  • SP Armor Series
  • SP Diamond Series
  • SP Mobile X Series
  • SP Mobile T Series
  • SP Jewel Series
  • SP Touch Series
  • SP Firma F80
  • SP Marvel Series
  • SP Blaze Series
  • SP Ultima Series
  • SP Ultima II Series
  • SP LuxMini Series
  • SP Helios Series
  • SP Unique Series
  • SP Secure Series
  • SP Thunderbolt Series
  • SP Superior SDHC’s
  • SP Superior CF’s
  • SP Superior SDHC’s
  • SP ELITE Micro SD’s
  • SP Slim SSD Series
  • SP Velox SSD Series

Common Problems

Since most Silicon Power storage devices are solid state drives (using flash memory as opposed to hard disks), they will not give tell-tale signs such as clicking or buzzing as they do not have moving parts. Most issues will be logic related, such as accidental deletion, viruses, malware or any other type of malicious software. They can suffer from few physical problems, but one of which to look for is overheating. If there’s a faulty controller, that can keep your device from working as well. If you are experiencing any issues, turn off the device and call us immediately to prevent further damage or data loss.

Why Choose Us?

At Platinum Data Recovery, we have over 15 years of experience and are determined to help you recover your data! Over the years, our engineers have built relationships with hard drive vendors, giving them the ability to track down the exact parts needed to extract your data. They have procured a collection of software programs, and have even written custom programs to cater to each specific need that may arise. It’s easy to see why the professionals at Platinum Data Recovery are confident in our ability to help where other companies cannot. Don’t risk your precious information. Call us now!