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Buffalo Data Recovery

Need a fast and secure Buffalo data recovery service? If Buffalo NAS or any other device gets damaged/ corrupted, you need professional data recovery services. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have a team of engineers specializing in recovering data from all Buffalo data storage systems. We provide a surefire way to recover data from Buffalo NAS systems and external hard drive. When NAS fails, using recovery software for extracting inaccessible files is not always the right decision. The process of data recovery depends on the cause of failure and data loss. We understand that no two recoveries are the same. That’s why we offer customized data recovery solutions for all Buffalo data storage devices.

Buffalo Data Recovery

Buffalo Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• BUFFALO DriveStation HD-LCU3 External Hard Drive
• Buffalo DriveStation DDR External Hard Drive
• Buffalo DriveStation™ Duo USB 3.0 (HD-WLU3R1)
• Buffalo Media Hard drive
• DriveStation™ Mini Thunderbolt
• DriveStation™ Quad (HD-QHU3R5 series)
• DriveStation™ Velocity (HD-LXU3) external HDD
• MiniStation™ Portable Hard Drive
• MiniStation™ Extreme
• MiniStation™ Safe (HD-PNFU3 series)
• MiniStation external SSD
• MiniStation Thunderbolt™ Portable HDD
• MiniStation™ Thunderbolt™ SSD
• BUFFALO LinkStation 210
• BUFFALO LinkStation 220
• BUFFALO LinkStation 220DR
• Buffalo LinkStation 510
• BUFFALO LinkStation 520
• BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN
• BUFFALO TeraStation 3210DN
• BUFFALO TeraStation 5410DN
• BUFFALO TeraStation 6400DN
• BUFFALO TeraStation WS5220DN

Common Buffalo Problems

Common issues that may occur with Buffalo Products are clicking or ticking noises, burnt PCB (Printed Circuit Board), and broken or stuck read/write heads. If you feel as though your hard drive is making any unusual noise, turn off the device immediately. Continuing to run the device could cause further damage and may result in permanent data loss. The drives can be prone to logical failures as well, acquiring viruses and malware, or accidentally deleting files/reformatting.


Why Choose Us for Buffalo Hard Drive Recovery?

There are many sites that will tell you that software can be downloaded online to remedy whatever issues you may have. Do not attempt to run these. These programs are not regulated and you’re never entirely sure as to what it is that you’re downloading. Platinum Data Recovery has over 15 years of experience rescuing information from crashed or damaged hard drives. Our experts have the technology and resources, including an ISO 5 Class 100 Certified cleanroom, to open your drive in a safe and secure environment. Don’t put your precious data at risk, call Platinum Data Recovery today!

What if my Buffalo External Hard Drive crashed?

Buffalo’s external hard drives are some of the most widely used storage devices. Buffalo external hard drives are used particularly as a portable data carrier. When data stored on your Buffalo drive go missing or become inaccessible, you can send your drive to us. We have the highest success rate in recovering lost data from Buffalo storage media at a reasonable price.

Why I can’t access data stored on Buffalo hard drive?

The data stored on Buffalo storage devices may get corrupted or lost due to many reasons. For instance, when you continuously try to connect or disconnect Buffalo external hard drive without properly ejecting, it may result in data inaccessibility. Your Buffalo HDD may also get corrupt if you use it on insecure or unauthorized devices. Another common cause of data loss is virus infection. In most of these cases, data remains on the drive until you overwrite the files with different data.

Why does my computer not recognize my Buffalo hard drive?

You may experience this problem due to many reasons. Sometimes it happens because your OS doesn’t support the hard drive or that the drive is damaged. It is also possible that your USB port or cable might not be communicating with it correctly.

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Secure Buffalo Data Recovery Services

Buffalo is one of the leading manufacturers of storage media and is known for producing Network Attached Storage (NAS), Surveillance Storage, Desktop Storage, Portable Storage, and more. We offer data recovery services for Buffalo NAS devices- LinkStation, TeraStation/ DAS: DriveStation, MiniStation. Buffalo LinkStation and Buffalo TeraStation are the two types of Buffalo NAS devices. LinkStation comes with a relatively modest capacity range and is better suited for home users. The TeraStation devices, on the other hand, may comprise up to 12 drives which makes it more suitable for businesses. Users may experience data loss if Linux md-raid driver used by Buffalo to manage the RAID gets damaged. As an experienced data recovery company, we have gained sufficient knowledge to handle Buffalo Servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN) devices.

For us, your satisfaction and privacy are of utmost importance. When it comes to data loss, we understand the urgency and importance of recovering data from a failed server, network-attached storage, or storage area network device. Data loss scenarios can be even more troublesome for companies that may suffer significant downtime. When you choose us, we make sure to keep your business operations fully functional by offering quick data recovery services. We pride ourselves on successfully performing some of the most complex server recoveries.

About Buffalo

Buffalo Inc. was originally founded as an audio equipment producer in 1981. It is now a North American subsidiary of Melco Holdings Incorporated, based in Japan. Melco was founded in 1986, and produced RAM and flash memory products. Buffalo now produces NAS, desktop and portable storage devices, and was one of the first companies to incorporate USB 3.0 in their products. They have won a plethora of awards since 2004 from CNET, Tech Living, CRN, G4, and many others. In order to keep up with the market, they have also begun to incorporate Thunderbolt technology into their drives.

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