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Terms and Conditions

By using our website or contracting for our products or services, you agree to the following terms of use for all of our potential, current, and former clients and associates.

Authorization for Services

By sending us data, equipment, or materials, you expressly agree to authorize full evaluation of these items, including authorization to transport, receive, and perform the evaluation, diagnostic research, repair, and recovery services to extract the data contained within. You agree and authorize DBA Platinum Data Recovery to recover the data in question using any means and resources necessary.

Rights & Responsibilities

  1. You confirm and agree that you are the owner, legal custodian, or the duly authorized agent of the owner of the data or property submitted to us. You understand that in cases where it is possible, we can return original drives or equipment upon your specific request. However, you understand that this is not possible in every situation or with every piece of equipment, and you agree to release us from any liability in this regard.
  2. Hard drives, flash drives, or other materials and equipment that are left in an uncommunicative, abandoned, unclaimed, and/or unresolved pending state with DBA Platinum Data Recovery services may be subjected to removal, recycling, or disposal after 60 days without notification. You agree that we are not responsible for any such property or data thereafter.
  3. For successful recoveries, the recovered data and original drive will be kept for a minimum of 7 days to ensure that you receive the recovered information. After 7 days, the original drive will be recycled and recovered data will be erased from our servers. If you would like the original drive to be returned to you, you must inform Platinum Data Recovery on the same day you give permission for the engineers to begin attempting the recovery process.

Limits of Liability

  1. Damage and Other Claims
    You expressly agree to hold DBA Platinum Data Recovery harmless from any claims related to the mechanical condition of equipment or devices supplied to us, and for claims regarding the state of any data or information stored on such drives or equipment.
    You further agree that we cannot be held liable for any loss of use claims or damages, including loss of revenue, loss of use, loss of service, and any and all consequential, special, incidental and contingent damages. This clause shall survive indefinitely after the date of service.
  2. Contract Price Liability Restriction
    Liability related to services or information provided by DBA Platinum Data Recovery is limited to the contract price of said items. The remedy shall be limited to supplemental data recovery services or a full or partial refund at DBA Platinum Data Recovery’s sole option.

Statement of Risk

You agree and understand that the nature of data recovery work may subject data or equipment to, or uncover hidden risks in the form of, damage, errors, destruction of media, incomplete recovery, inability to recover, or the recovery of damaged or erroneous data which can affect the operating state of equipment used to read said data. We are not responsible for any losses, damages, or improper handling of your device from 3rd party shipping services while your device is in transit. You agree to hold harmless and forever indemnify DBA Platinum Data Recovery from these risks and liabilities and explicitly state your understanding of the sensitive nature of data recovery projects and the existence of such risks, including risks presented by accidental damages from recovery materials.

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