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CFast Card Data Recovery Services

At Platinum Data Recovery, we provide a comprehensive and quick CFast card data recovery solution. We offer data recovery services to recover lost data from all brands of CFast(CompactFast) cards. If your CFast card is not being recognized by your camera, computer or card reader, we can help you to recover it. For customers who accidentally deleted or formatted data, we have a separate page dedicated to that.

#1 Rated CFast Card Recovery Company

#1 Rated CFast Card Recovery Company

Platinum Data Recovery has the latest equipment, experience, and expertise to recover your lost videos, photos, audio or other media from your CFast card. Our data recovery engineers use state of art tools and latest techniques to recover your lost data. We understand how precious and valuable your memories are. When it comes to recovering your sensitive data, we not only protect your data but also take care of your privacy. With us, you have 100% confidentiality guaranteed. We are proud that we worked with the biggest names in the photo and video production industry.

CFast Card Data Loss Reasons

CFast cards are popular flash digital memory cards. Users may experience CFast card data loss due to several reasons, such as-

  • Failed controller
  • Files corruption
  • Damaged PCB(printed circuit board)
  • Bent CFast memory card
  • Accidental deleting
  • Unintentional formatting
  • Virus attack

You may also lose data if the card is removed abruptly while photos are taken or when the camera’s battery is low and not providing sufficient power to allow the card to write. Other causes of data loss include water submersion and improper insertion.

No matter how you lost your data, our CFast data recovery specialists use flash read technology to recover your lost data directly from your CF card’s internal memory. With years of experience in the data recovery business, we have developed a state-of-the-art data recovery center to offer fast and reliable data recovery services.

CFast cards brands:

  • SanDisk
  • Lexar
  • Silicon Power
  • Sony
  • PixelFlash
  • ProGrade
  • EgoDisk
  • Delkin

How to Improve Chances for Data Recovery

CompactFlash is one of the fastest storage cards that have been used in digital cameras and other devices. These cards use NAND memory chips to store your videos, pictures, and other media. Whether your card has suffered physical damage or logical failure, at Platinum Data Recovery we make sure to recover your lost data in almost every condition. However, if you’re unable to access your data, there are some tips to improve the chances of recovery.

When the CF card gets corrupted, the operating system may prompt you to format the CFast card. If you get any such message, please ignore it. Formatting the card before you recover the lost photos makes the recovery process even more complex. Moreover, make sure to avoid overwriting on the card. It is best to discontinue using the card if you don’t want to lose your chance to recover your files.

Our team of qualified data recovery professionals can retrieve data from CFast cards of any brand. Regardless of the manufacturer and the nature of its failure, our experts have an excellent track record of successfully recovering hundreds of CFast cards for individual users, businesses, organizations, students, photographers, and videographers. Our team can safely recover your lost data from FAT NTFS, HFS+, and other file systems.

#1 Rated CFast Card Recovery Company


What is top 5 most common issues with CFast cards?

-Not showing up in a compter or camera
-Corrupted files system
-Deleted/formatted data
-Card showing a wrong capacity
-Slow reading that freezes the computer

Can data loss be prevented?

The data saved on the CFast card may get corrupted or lost due to many reasons such as accidental deletion or formatting by mistake, improper card handling, or logical error. No matter what storage media you’re using, data loss can happen anytime. The only option to keep your data safe is a regular backup. You need to regularly back-up sensitive or critical data needs to ensure that you experience little or no downtime in the event of CFast card failure.

How can I trust Platinum Data Recovery for recovering my precious data?

At Platinum Data Recovery, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction are our utmost priority. We have a strict policy to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s personal/business data. We are a trusted data recovery company because we keep your valuable information and devices in a safe in our access-controlled facility where 24/7 security and CCTV are employed.

Why Choose Us for CFast Card Data Recovery?

No matter how you’ve lost your data, we provide a complete set of data loss solutions. At Platinum Data Recovery, our goal is to deliver fast results with excellent security. If you’ve lost data stored on the CFast card, we can recover your files as swiftly and as securely as possible. As a reliable & dependable data recovery service provider, we deliver excellent results and fast turnaround to recover your files. We are not just another data recovery company out there. We the best one! Check out some benefits of using our data recovery services:

Affordable Pricing – We offer free standard diagnostics to help you understand the exact cause of data loss. We are the first choice of customers because we provide the best data recovery services at an affordable cost. Our diagnostic report includes a price quote and turnaround estimate to ensure transparency.

High Success Rate – At Platinum Data Recovery, we deal with data recovery service only. With years of experience in the data recovery industry, we have adopted the latest technology and methods to provide you with guaranteed results. We are a trusted name in the community because of our high success rate. Our technicians receive training and education programs on a regular basis to stay current with the latest technology.

Customer Technical Support – As a customer-centric company, we are available to answer all your queries related to data loss. Our professional and polite staff will provide you assistance before, during, and after the data recovery service. During the initial data analysis & consultation, we provide precautions to be undertaken immediately after data loss.

Privacy and Confidentiality – With us, your data is treated as confidential because we respect the privacy of our esteemed clients. When you choose us, you get peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is treated in a confidential manner and stored securely. Whether it’s your personal data or business information, we have a strict confidentiality agreement to maintain privacy. We follow secure erase methods in our server after the data backup to your storage media.

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“In a short period of time, Platinum was able to recover 100% of my data and I was back in business planning and scheduling my pre-summer projects”

Steve Hamm, Director of Technical Services

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