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Promise Technology Data Recovery

For Promise Technology users, Platinum Data Recovery offers specialized Promise Technology data recovery. We are trusted by thousands of customers because we safely restore files from Promise servers while maintaining excellent security standards. Promise RAID can encounter data loss for a variety of reasons such as simultaneous failure of multiple hard drives, errors during the rebuild, user error, and faulted mirrors. Our RAID specialists know how to handle each case of RAID data loss. Our team can safely treat any failure scenario without putting your data at risk. Our experienced RAID Data Recovery team provides dependable Promise RAID data recovery with industry-leading success rates.

Promise Technology Data Recovery

Promise products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• Pegasus3 Series
• Pegasus R4i RAID Storage
• Pegasus32
• Pegasus3 PC Edition
• Apollo Cloud
• Vess A8020
• Vess A8020
• Vess R3000 Series
• Vess A6120 series
• VTrak D5000
• VTrak E5000 Series

Data Loss on Promise Tech Products

If you’ve deleted or lost files from your Promise Technology storage devices, contact us! Platinum Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from Promise RAID and other devices. We can recover data from Promise Technology products like Apollo Cloud, Pegasus, Vess, SmartStor, Thunderbolt Dock, FileCruiser Series, VTrak models, and more. At Platinum Data Recovery, we offer efficient and confidential Promise Technology data recovery services for individual users and business clients. We maintain excellent security standards for recovering lost data from Promise servers. Our data recovery team makes sure to maintain the confidentiality of your data. With us, you get back your lost data in the quickest possible time while staying within your budget.

When it comes to recovering lost data from Promise portable hard drive, desktop hard drive, RAID storage or other Promise devices, we have the right skills and tools. As an experienced and dependable Promise RAID data recovery service provider, we have the industry-leading success rates. Similar to other storage media, Promise storage devices are also vulnerable to common data loss issues, but we can retrieve files even in the most complicated data loss scenario. We have the experience and advanced equipment to perform data recovery operations for most USB flash devices, camera cards, and hard disk drives. Our qualified data recovery engineers can safely treat all RAID configurations, regardless of your server’s specific attributes. We can also recover documents, pictures, and videos from your Promise NAS.


What causes Promise RAID failure?

RAID provides a reliable way to store and access data. However, like all mechanical devices, they can break down and suffer data loss. The most common reasons for a Promise RAID failure include malfunction of the RAID controller, failure of multiple RAID member disks, failed rebuild of RAID volume, missing RAID partitions, server crash, and operator error. All these factors are responsible for the RAID failure and loss of valuable files.

What happens if the Promise RAID controller fails?

The function of the RAID controller is to distribute the data on your array of hard drives. The failure of the Promise RAID controller leaves the data unaltered, but it can’t be interpreted. Depending on your RAID level, your data may or may not be accessible. Even if one disk in the array encounters a failure, the data can be recovered within the controller due to the system’s redundancy. However, in the event of complete data loss, retrieving lost files can be complicated and need the assistance of an expert.

How multiple disk failure impact RAID array?

The RAID systems are designed in a way to survive the failure of a single disk. But if a user continues to use the system after a disk failure, it exerts pressure on other disks and makes the system vulnerable to failure. When other disks bear the load a disk failure, it leads to multiple disks break down and complete system failure. RAID arrays are reliable but even the most secure RAID configurations can fail and cause data loss.

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About Promise Technology

Promise Technology Inc. has established itself as a trusted name for offering high-performance storage solutions. The company is actively engaged in developing innovative storage solutions for customers ranging from the enterprise and SMB to SOHO and digital home applications. As a global leader in the storage industry, Promise Technology offers storage solutions for the data center, surveillance, cloud, and rich media storage. Promise strives to develop innovative solutions and it’s due to this passion for innovation that Promise has become the preferred storage provider. The company provides customer-oriented solutions to meet real-world challenges.

Promise develops innovative solutions to cater to the unique needs of highly specific verticals. The company has the perfect storage solution for home users, as well as post-production studio and big IT companies. Promise devices offer reliability and high-performance but some situations still lead to data loss. Promise Technology hard drives, RAID storage, and external hard drives are 100% safe for data storage. But often due to accidental deletion, formatting, hard drive crashs, viruses, or logical errors, you may face data loss on these devices.

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