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Whether your hard disk drive has failed, your computer or laptop has stopped booting up, or you have accidentally deleted the contents of your hard disk, Platinum Data Recovery is your best choice for recovering your lost data.

How much does it cost to recover my data?
As the data recovery service is a relatively niche industry, most people do not know what to expect for a reasonable price when they need data recovery services. Consequently, people choose services which fail to deliver desired results and your data is not delivered at all.

People who usually contact us with data recovery inquiries are curious to know what will be the price to recover their lost data. While we do our best to express the cost based on the symptoms, it can be very difficult. Generally, most hard drives fail either due to physical or logical problems and it would not be possible to quote an exact estimate without inspecting the drive. This is why we offer a free, zero-commitment diagnostic and evaluation. If a user declines, we return the device in the same state as we received it.

Price ranges are wide because we don’t know what we dealing with. We will give you a firm price quote based on the damages, and you are absolutely safe with free diagnostic and evaluation.

FYI Less than 5% of all drives we receive go to the high point of a price range.

The following price range table is for hard drives.


  •   Logical
  •   Physical
  •   Opened
  •   Encrypted
  •   Raid (Per Drive)


1GB - 4TBMin - Max
  • $300 - $985
  • $500 - $1425
  • $800 - $1825
  • $800 - $1925
  • $500 - $1500


5TBMin - Max
  • $300 - $1285
  • $800 - $1725
  • $1100 - $2025
  • $1100 - $2225
  • $500 - $2000


6TBMin - Max
  • $300 - $1285
  • $1000 - $1925
  • $1300 - $2225
  • $1300 - $2425
  • $500 - $2000


8TBMin - Max
  • $300 - $1285
  • $1200 - $2125
  • $1500 - $2425
  • $1500 - $2625
  • $500 - $2000


10TB+Min - Max
  • $300 - $1685
  • $1600 - $2425
  • $1900 - $2825
  • $1900 - $3025
  • $500 - $2000

The following price range table is for SSD/ USB Flash drive / SD / MicroSD / CF cards


  •   Logical
  •   Physical


1GB - 128GBMin - Max
  • $200 - $950
  • $200 - $950


256GB - 2TBMin - Max
  • $200 - $950
  • $1000 - $2500


2TB - 4TBMin - Max
  • $200 - $950
  • $1000 - $4000

The following price range table is for XQD, CFast, CFexpress Cards


  •   Logical
  •   Physical


1GB - 64GBMin - Max
  • $200 - $950
  • $200 - $950


128GB - 2TBMin - Max
  • $200 - $950
  • $1000 - $2500

What determines the price of data recovery?

There is no single flat rate when it comes to data recovery, and that’s for a good reason. Over the years, we have realized that no data recovery case is the same. While most physical failures and repairs may seem similar, the data present and level of corruption affect the pricing for the repair services.

As a rule of thumb, the more work that has to go into a hard disk drive to get it up and make it temporarily running, the higher the price would be. But there are several other factors involved that influence the pricing of the data recovery services at Platinum Data Recovery.

1. Type of Problem: There could be a number of circumstances that could result in hard disk drive failure. Most of them fall under the following categories:

-Logical: Typically a non-physical failure resulting from virus attack, file corruption, or accidental deletion of data.
-Physical: It normally arises due to wear and tear of internal parts, such as read/write heads, or a spindle motor malfunction.
-Electrical: Failure of the PCB due to a power surge or spike. The HDD won’t work, even if the mechanical components are intact.
-Firmware: If the hard disk drive cannot access its firmware due to platter damage, firmware corruption, or electronics issues, it cannot boot.

2. Labor Time Spent: How much time does an experienced technician need to put in to recover the data from your failed HDD? The more complex the data retrieval, the more time and attention is needed from our experienced technicians.

3. Spares Used: The number, type, and availability of spare parts play a significant role in determining the quote for your data recovery.

4. Technology Used: Every storage media can store up to a different amount of data and consequently, different technology has to be used for data retrieval. Depending upon the technology that has to be employed in the process, the prices for data recovery may go up.

5. Storage Capacity and Configuration: We at Platinum Data Recovery charge based on the damages, cost of donor parts, and labor hours required to amend the damage. Even for drives that are not filled to capacity, it will cost us the same engineered time and spare parts to make the drive temporarily functional again.   

6. Turnaround Time: Depending on the urgency of the work, customers can seek priority service for a nominal fee. In most cases, we offer affordable rates as per the convenience of the customer.  Prices in the table do not include expedited fees.
In general, you should expect the prices to be somewhere within the above range depending on the type of failure.

At Platinum Data Recovery, we handle things differently.

We understand, when your hard disk drive fails, you need help from professionals with fast turnaround time using state of the art technology for data retrieval.  As one of the leading data recovery services in Los Angeles, we have developed a reputation for being one of the most experienced and reliable data recovery companies. We offer a transparent model to evaluate the prices for data recovery, based on the following factors:

1. The level of service needed
2. Drive capacity
3. Type of failure

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an estimated price?
To provide you with an exact quote, we first diagnose your drive to know what we are dealing with. Only then we can provide you an accurate price.

Do I need to pay upfront?
For most of the standard case, where we don’t need donor parts, you don’t pay anything until your data has been fully recovered. In unsuccessful cases, you won’t be charged for all the labor hours we spent trying to recover your data.

What is the fee for encrypted hard drives?
If your hard drive is encrypted then there is an additional fee as it is much more difficult and time-consuming to recover data from an encrypted device.

How long does the diagnostic take?
We are dedicated to complete the diagnostic within two business days in the quickest time possible. The time involved is, however, dependent on the particular service plan you select. The diagnostic is the best time to expedite because it does not depend on the condition of your storage device. We offer Same Day diagnostic for a nominal fee.

How long does data recovery take?
For an economical data recovery service plan, data recovery takes an estimated 7 business days, if no complications occur during the recovery process. We have an emergency and priority services for customers that need data faster than that.

Contact Platinum Data Recovery Today

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is evident why quality data recovery services cannot work on a flat-rate basis, but we are happy to provide you with a price range so you have an idea what to expect. The firm price quote will be given after the diagnosis on your hard drive. Regardless of the hard disk failure you are facing, Platinum Data Recovery can get you back on time in the quickest time possible. With our expertise and skills, we provide you with the most secure and comprehensive data recovery options with a high success rate.

Contact us right away for a free consultation or call us at (800) 313-0044.

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