Synology Data Recovery

Synology was founded in 2000 in Taiwan, by former Microsoft employees Philip Wong and Cheen Liao. Their primary dedication was developing an operating system to combine with NAS hardware, called Filer OS. In 2004, they completed their first project: DiskStation DS-101 and DiskStation Manager. Since their release of the first DiskStation product, the company has grown exponentially, concentrating on providing NAS solutions for small businesses.

Their Flagship product, DiskStation Manager, is the foundation of everything; integrating file sharing, RAID storage, multimedia streaming, centralized backup, and virtual storage. Synology began producing mobile applications supporting windows, android, iOS, and Kindle. The DSM receives two large updates a year, and minor updates all year long. It is completely free for its users. They launched their first hot-swap capable product in 2006, The RackStation Rs-406. (The name Cube Station had been used previously but was discontinued). They opened a second location in Bellevue, Washington a few months later, then a third in England in 2008. That same year they launched their first DiskStation with 5 bays, the DS508. In 2011, a location opened in Dusseldorf, Germany; the same year as the release of their XS Series which is scalable to over 100TB. A location was opened in Suresnes, then relocated to Courbevoie, France in March of 2013. Things have not slowed down since.

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Synology Data Recovery Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • DiskStation 3612xs
  • DiskStation 214+, 415+, & 713+
  • DiskStation 1513+, & 1515+
  • DiskStation 1813+, 1815+, & 2413+
  • DiskStation 114, 214, & 214play
  • DiskStation 414, & 414play
  • DiskStation 115j, 213j, & 213air
  • DiskStation 214se, 414slim, & 414j
  • RackStation 3614xs/3614RPxs, & 3614xs+
  • RackStation 10613xs+
  • RackStation 814+/814RP+
  • RackStation 2414+/2414RP+
  • RackStation 214 & 814
Synology Data Recovery

Common Synology Data Recovery Problems

The most prevalent issues seen with DiskStation and RackStation will be crashed RAID volumes, failed hard drives, and corrupt volumes. Thankfully, Synology products typically have lights that will alert you to any failed drives, and the drive can be replaced. Occasionally the device will not power on, which can possibly be the power supply. If that is ruled out, then call us immediately. If you hear any clicking, ticking, or clunking noises, turn off the device immediately. This may be an issue with the read/write head and leaving it running could cause further damage to the platters and possible data loss.

You will see plenty of articles online with software available to download. Do not use these programs, as they can result in more issues.

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When your sensitive business information and hours of work are at stake, seek out the professionals! Our expert engineers at Platinum Data Recovery will perform a free diagnostic and evaluation to discern the exact problem for you. We have over 15 years of data recovery experience and are well versed in the issues associated with RAID systems. Our on-site ISO 5 Class 100 Certified cleanroom will allow our experts to inspect your drives in the proper environment. We have a plethora of tools that help us retrieve your data from the brink of permanent deletion. Trust the experts; Trust Platinum Data Recovery and call us now!
Synology Data Recovery

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Synology products are trusted by thousands of businesses for large-scale storage. Synology classifies its products according to usage levels. The top-rated Synology RackStations and DiskStations models are perfect home and business users. Synology NAS devices provide dependable storage but despite high-end features and premium utilities for backups, these devices are still at the risk of failing — as is the case with any storage system. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have trained technicians who specialize in Synology NAS data recovery. Our engineers work in ISO 5 Class 100 cleanrooms and utilize specialized tools to maintain success rates of over 98 percent for NAS devices.


Synology Hard Drive Data Recovery

Synology offers four tiers of DiskStations and RackStations, designed for large scale enterprises, and medium-sized businesses, as well as home applications. When the NAS device fails, it’s imperative to take immediate action. When you contact us, our team makes sure to restore your lost data into a usable state. We’re the only company with real data recovery laboratories and our engineers understand the complex factors that affect Synology NAS devices. With years of experience in the data recovery industry, we have gained knowledge of successfully recovering data from Synology appliances configured in the various RAID types they support. Our data recovery team strives to complete the job quickly, reduce downtime, and provide fast results.

Synology NAS devices are commonly found in homes and offices. Synology is popularly known for offering dependable storage solutions with high-end features. However, whether you’re using Synology multi-disk NAS solutions for business or a small 4-disks NAS device at home, there’s always a risk of data loss. Synology NAS devices use their own technology- Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) that uses different sizes of disks in the same storage device. This complicates the data recovery process and makes DIY recovery almost impossible. But at Platinum Data Recovery, we know the best techniques to recover data from failed Synology NAS devices. When your NAS device fails, our highly-skilled data recovery technicians will work round the clock to retrieve your valuable data.

At Platinum Data Recovery, we have successfully recovered data from Synology NAS models such as DiskStations and RackStation. We have been able to successfully recover data from Synology NAS devices that were previously considered unrecoverable. We use advanced proprietary tools to recover your data while keeping your device in its original condition. As NAS specialists, we offer both standard NAS data recovery services, as well as an emergency recovery option. If your data is critical, we provided emergency NAS data recovery to speed up the recovery process while maintaining the highest security standards.


“From the get-go, everything went as smooth as one could hope. [Platinum Data Recovery] was fast, courteous, and most importantly honest with what the process entailed.”

Nicholas Hybl, Post-Production Engineer

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