HGST (Hitachi) Data Recovery

HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) makes very reliable hard drives, but even these drives can crash one day. Hard drives are produced for desktop, laptop, NAS, and RAID systems and external memory storage. Hitachi also produces Solid State drives and constantly increasing capacities and speeds, continually pushing the boundaries of data storage technology. As the amount of content on the Internet continues to increase, Hitachi drives keep pace, introducing new technological breakthroughs such as the HelioSeal, helium-filled hard drives that allow for more storage with less power consumption. Hitachi drives are also the power behind the wildly popular G-Technology or G-Drive line of external hard drives and the best-selling Touro line of desktop and portable external drives.

Hitachi Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Travelstar and Travelstar Thin Laptop Hard Drives
  • Ultrastar Desktop, NAS, RAID and Enterprise Hard Drives
  • Ultrastar Solid State Drives
  • Deskstar Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  • Cinemastar Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  • Endurastar Auto/Industrial Hard Drives
  • Touro External Drives (Touro S, Touro Mobile, Touro Mobile Pro, Touro Desk & Touro Desk Pro)
  • G-Technology External Drives (G-RAID, G-RAID Studio, G-RAID with Thunderbolt, G-RAID Mini, G-Drive, G-Drive ev220, G-Drive evSSD, G-Drive EV, G-Drive with Thunderbolt, G-Drive Pro, G-Drive Mobile, G-Drive Mini, G-Drive Mobile USB, G-Drive Slim, G-Connect, G-Speed, G-Speed Q, G-Speed ES, G-Speed ES Pro, G-Speed Studio)

Common Problems

Despite their excellent reliability, Hitachi hard drives still break down from time to time. Typical issues with Hitachi products include reader head failure, problems with the printed circuit board (PCB), and loss of magnetic properties on the platters. Often times the head mechanism can break, sometimes as a result of physical trauma, such as a drop or fall. However, heads can also break on their own due to normal wear and tear and in conjunction with their highly fragile nature. For printed circuit boards, injury can occur as the result of a power surge or from a spill of liquid on the computer or external device. The occasional loss of magnetic properties on the platters is not an uncommon occurrence and can cause a buildup of dust inside the hard drive, presenting a large risk to the integrity of the platters and your data.

Why Choose Us?

Platinum Data Recovery can help with all of these issues and more! Our engineers have well over a decade of experience and work extremely hard to get as much of your valuable data back as possible. We have all of the necessary software and tools to recover your information, starting with our certified on-site ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom. We do not repair hard drives. Instead, we find exact matches of your broken hard drive and use those matches to provide the donor parts that allow our expert engineers to extract the data and piece it back together virtually, thus eliminating additional risks to the integrity of the files. Our engineers work together as a team to get as much of your data back as possible as quickly as possible. We are always motivated to recover all of your information and we will try and try again until you, the customer, are completely satisfied.

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Data Recovery Service for HGST (Hitachi)

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST), a subsidiary of Western Digital (WD), manufactures products like laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, external/USB hard drives, and solid-state devices (SSD) and more storage devices. The company is known for producing the finest internal and external hard drives. Despite their superior performance, Hitachi hard drives are still vulnerable to break down. Regardless of the brand, all hard drives face issues like reader head failure, problems with the printed circuit board (PCB), and loss of magnetic properties on the platters and magnets. No matter how you’ve lost your data, we offer quick and affordable Hitachi data recovery services for any kind of hard drive crash.

We have Hitachi data recovery experts who have the training to perform data recovery on any size or model of Hitachi hard drive. Our data recovery team uses the best available Hitachi software and tools to recover your data in our 100% certified cleanroom lab. Our team is an expert in Hitachi / HGST data recovery services and we have developed highly effective tools & techniques to get back your data. Before we start the recovery process, our team performs media evaluations to determine the cause of data loss and provide you with a price quote and turnaround estimate.

HGST (Hitachi) Data Recovery FAQs

What is data recovery?
Hitachi users may lose data stored on their devices due to several reasons. When your data goes missing, a data recovery engineer will use some methods to restore your lost files. The process of extracting and restoring lost data from a computer-based storage device is known as data recovery. When your Hitachi external memory storage device becomes inaccessible or corrupt, data recovery experts will use specialized equipment to recover lost data from hard disk drives, SSDs, RAID arrays and servers, memory cards, and USB devices.

After the data recovery, will I get my original storage device back?
At Platinum Data Recovery, we will return your Hitachi hard drive or SSD after recovering files. Unless you instruct us to return your original drive, we will recycle your device after one week. However, users are advised to discontinue using that same device if data loss was a result of issues with the drive, and not due to user error.

Should I freeze my hard drive to speed up the data recovery process?
Freezing your hard drive is NOT recommended because it may out your data at risk. In some cases where the drive’s head is stuck, freezing may allow metals to contract or shrink a little. If you’re experienced at doing this, make sure you the hard drive in a zip lock bag to reduce condensation problems. However, it’s best to avoid this trick because this could make the problem irreversibly worse.

Fast, Secure, and Confidential Hitachi Data Recovery Service

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) is renowned for offering products like laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, external/USB hard drives, solid-state devices (SSD), and other storage devices. Despite their superior performance and reliability, Hitachi hard drives are also vulnerable to break down. And when any Hitachi storage device fails, it becomes necessary to find a Hitachi Data Recovery specialist. At Platinum Data Recovery, we can recover your lost data from all HGST devices in a fast, secure, and confidential manner. Our goal is to bring back your lost files in the shortest possible time while maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive data.

HGST products like Hitachi hard drive may suffer data loss due to reader head failure, printed circuit board (PCB) damage, and loss of magnetic properties on the platters and magnets. If data stored on Hitachi hard drive become inaccessible or corrupt, it can be complex to retrieve lost files. But experts at Platinum Data Recovery have vast experience in recovering data from malfunctioning or physically damaged Hitachi hard drives. We have a huge inventory of hard drive parts to speed up the process of Hitachi hard drive data recovery. Irrespective of the type and model of your storage device, our team can assist you in all your HGST data recovery needs.

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