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Flash Drive Data Recovery

Is your flash drive not working and you’re worried about losing critical data? If you’re looking to restore the files stored on your damaged flash drive, we provide reliable flash drive data recovery services! As an experienced data recovery company, we have the expertise to recover your files from any USB flash drive. We make sure that all-flash drive recovery cases are dealt with efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. Whether your flash drive is broken, damaged, disconnected, corrupted, or unreadable – we have the experience, tools, and technical expertise to retrieve your lost data.

A flash drive is also referred to as a USB drive, data stick, pen drive, keychain drive, thumb drive, and jumpdrive. This portable storage device connects to a computer via a USB port and is used to store and transfer information between computers. Because of their small size, users often carry these drives in their pockets, hang them from lanyards around our necks, or even leave them sticking out the side of the laptops. It is due to their small size and portable nature that flash drives are vulnerable to physical damage, resulting in data loss.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB Flash Drive Recovery

Flash drives are widely used by individuals, as well as businesses for storage, data back-up, and file transfer. Their small size makes them very convenient to store important data. These memory devices provide good storage solutions but data loss can be an issue. However, having your USB flash drive compromised does not necessarily mean losing all the stored data. At Platinum Data Recovery, we receive hundreds of damaged or broken flash drives for data recovery. As one of the leading data recovery service providers with more than 90% success rate in the industry, we can recover data from flash drives of all types and brands.

Causes of Data Loss

The three major components of any flash device are the NAND chip, controller chip, and USB plug. It is the NAND flash memory chip that stores all the data. This NAND chip is attached to a printed circuit board along with a controller chip. Users can experience data loss from these drives due to several reasons. You may need data recovery services if your USB flash drive has any of the following conditions-

  • Physically Damaged
  • Broken Connector
  • Not recognized by a computer
  • Corrupted File System
  • Lifted or missing pads
  • Missing or loose solder connection
  • Accidental formatting or file deletion
  • Virus or Malware attack

Platinum Data Recovery can retrieve your lost files from broken, damaged, corrupted, not recognized, or otherwise non-working USB flash drives. Whether your flash drive is bent, snapped, or broken- we have the expertise to recover your data.

Regardless of the make or the manufacturer, our data recovery experts can recover most files stored on flash drives. Our data recovery process includes consultation, diagnostic reports, and a price quote of data recovery services. When it comes to USB flash drives, we offer the best services at most reasonable prices in the market.


What is flash-based memory?

Flash-based memory is a non-volatile form of memory that electronically programs and erases data. This type of memory does not require power to retain data. Depending on the types and capabilities of the gates within the storage system, there can be NAND flash memory and NOR flash-based memory. Flash memory works by storing data in cells that are grouped by block in the memory device.

What are the different kinds of flash memory?

The flash memory is popular because it is extremely fast, making it a perfect fit for a variety of applications. Flash memory is commonly available in formats like TLC (triple-level cell flash memory), MLC (multi-level cell), and SLC (single-level cell). SLC NAND flash is often used in industrial applications because of its reliability and speed. TLC is most commonly used in consumer devices in which three or more bits of data are stored on each cell. MLC, on the other hand, is used in commercial devices.

What are the components inside the flash drive?

If you open the flash drive cover you will see a USB port, mass storage controller, NAND flash memory chip(s), crystal oscillator

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