Most Common Signs of Damaged or Corrupted SD Card

Most Common Signs of Damaged or Corrupted SD Card

Most Common Signs of Damaged or Corrupted SD Card
If you use an SD card, you can imagine how devastating it can be if it gets damaged. Sometimes SD cards crash without showing any warning sign which leads to a sudden loss of your data. However, in most cases, users can notice some symptoms of corruption before the card stops working.

So, if you want to avoid a frustrating situation where your SD card fails catastrophically and you lose all your data, it’s best to recognize the signs that indicate potential corruption. By identifying the symptoms of a damaged SD card, you can take timely actions to back up your precious data and resolve the issue at an earlier stage. But before we look at the signs of a corrupted SD card, let’s first understand what exactly an SD card is.

What is an SD Card?

SD card, also known as Secure Digital card or microSD card is a small device that is used in many electronic gadgets such as Smartphones, digital cameras, music players, and video players. The purpose of this card is to store data such as photos, videos, music files, etc. These days, SD cards have become the most convenient option to save data, however like all memory cards; these are also vulnerable to corruption or damage. When the card gets damaged due to any reason, it stops functioning and makes it difficult to access your data.

Now let’s quickly move to the warning signs that indicate SD card corruption or damage.

Signs of Corrupt or Damaged SD Card

-When SD gets corrupted, the screen of your digital camera will show that there’s no card in it. Though you can regain access by switching off the camera and starting again, the sign should not be ignored.
-Sometimes, users find to read and write issues which are also a sign of damage. If the data written on the card gets corrupted or you fail to locate it, you need to replace the card.
-If you frequently insert and remove the card, it may develop bad contacts due to the click-in/click-out method of mounting an SD card.
-When you discover that most of the photos on your memory card are missing.
-Inability to use the device because it’s showing a black screen only.
-The moment you insert a memory card into your system, it displays a message to format your card.
-CRC error during copying or transfer of data.
-You get an error message that the card is corrupted when you try to delete your unwanted photos or videos.


Typically, SD cards are not designed to notify of any errors and in case you receive an error, you will have to figure out for yourself what is the cause of the error. The most common causes of SD card failure or data loss are virus attacks, human error, accidentally formatting the card, removing the card during transfers, dropping or striking the card, using the same card on multiple devices, and power failure while previewing the files on the computer. When it comes to logical corruption of SD cards then it can be recovered by data recovery software in most cases. If your SD card suffers any damage, not show up on the computer or camera, you will need the assistance of a data recovery engineer to get back your lost data.