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Forensic Data Recovery

If you need a forensic data recovery service, we have the perfect solution for you! At Platinum Data Recovery, we have the expertise to recover data from physically damaged devices and maliciously deleted data situations. As a full-service data recovery service, we have maintained a state-of-art digital forensics lab to recover data from devices that are not accessible by normal data recovery tools. Our forensic analysis capabilities of storage media help in extracting deleted, hidden, or maliciously or accidentally damaged data. We understand the sensitivity of the data retrieval situations and make sure to recover data in-house, without sending the device away.

Forensic Experts

Whether you’re a business owner, a law enforcement professional, or an individual, we provide the services required to collect evidence from computer systems. Platinum Data Recovery clients include attorneys, businesses, as well as individuals. To assist you during litigation, our team will coordinate with you, your IT, Human Resources, and Legal Department to provide custom investigation reports. Our data recovery experts can extract lost data from all File Systems and Data Storage Devices, including:

  • Desktop Computers and Laptops
  • Hard Drives and SSDs
  • Removable Media, USB drives, SD Cards
  • Email Servers, Database Servers, RAID Arrays, etc.
  • Smartphones & Tablets, and more

Scientific & Unbiased Forensic Data Recovery

Our forensic data recovery specialists have the skills to detect attempts of using anti-forensics software. We can find out if an attempt was made to hide, encrypt, or obfuscate evidence. Over the years, our services have helped several individuals, legal firms, technical advisors, police agencies, courts, and corporate organizations with their investigations. Our data recovery team utilizes the most advanced tools and techniques to recover data even if:

  • The files are deleted
  • Data is hidden or hard to locate
  • Drives or the device is physically damaged
  • Data is lost due to software/hardware corruption

Platinum Data Recovery maintains data confidentiality and ensures that all data has been handled within the legal principles of security and accountability. We provide forensically verifiable results by using high tech forensic tools. Similar to physical proof, evidence in the form of data collected from a computer and other storage devices can be critical to the successful prosecution of a case.  Our forensic data recovery experts can uncover electronic evidence which has been deleted or formatted that helps in settling criminal and civil disputes. We have the forensics capabilities to retrieve lost files and documents from any type of storage device including phones, tablets, and laptops.

Forensic data recovery services are required for a wide variety of cases such as employee misconduct, IP theft, and business fraud, insurance claims, infidelity, corporate hacking attacks, etc. No matter what type of case you’re dealing with, our dedicated data recovery professionals will make sure to deliver forensically verified results. As the most trusted name in the data recovery industry, we produce the most thorough and objective reports. Our data recovery services can help you in situations where you may need to attribute evidence to specific suspects, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, or identify sources.


What is Forensic Data Recovery?

Forensic data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been accidentally deleted, intentionally erased, or damaged through corruption. Forensic data recovery specialists use highly advanced techniques to extract data from damaged evidence sources. Unlike normal data recovery, the purpose here is to use the recovered data as evidence that can later be relied on in a court of law. Mostly government agencies, law enforcement bodies, and big organizations need forensic data recovery services that lead to successful prosecutions. These cases require broader investigation than normal data recovery because a possible criminal is involved and the data is needed as proof.

What is the difference between Computer Forensics & Digital Forensics?

First, we need to know the difference between data recovery and forensic data recovery services. Data recovery services are for individuals or businesses who want to get back their lost data. Users may need this service when they accidentally lose data while working on their computer or their storage device gets physically damaged which leads to data loss. Forensic data recovery, on the other hand, is for finding data that help in law enforcement. Computer Forensics & Digital Forensics are two related terms that are often used interchangeably. The main purpose of these services is to restore lost data from any computer or digital device for legal purposes. However, computer forensics deals with the investigation of computers only while digital forensics includes digital devices also, such as digital networks, cell phones, flash drives, and digital cameras.