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Hard Disk Drive Repair

When it comes to recovering data, we provide hard disk drive repair service to extract lost data. Data recovery companies repair hard drives for a temporary amount of time for only one reason: to extract data. Unless the damaged drive has extremely valuable data on it, it is a more secure and cost-effective option to purchase a new drive rather than repair the damaged one.

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There are a number of reasons why hard drive repair just not worth the time or money. First, in order to repair a drive, a donor drive must be provided or purchased. At this point, you’ve already bought another hard drive.

Second, searching for and buying a matching donor drive is far more expensive than buying a new or used, equal capacity hard drive. Donor drives must match the original drive, from the model number down to the firmware. This drive is not to be purchased as a means of replacement– an engineer must sacrifice this donor drive in order to repair the original drive.

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How can I repair my hard drive? I have valuable data on it.

If your hard drive has got damaged, you should avoid DIY repair. Hard drive repair is a complex process that should only be done by trained professionals in a clean environment. You can’t become an expert in hard disk repair from watching a video tutorial. You should also avoid giving your hard drive to local computer repair technicians because they usually don’t have a certified cleanroom environment to repair your drive. Hard drives are delicate and extremely susceptible to contaminants so it’s important to perform repair and data recovery processes in a certified cleanroom data recovery lab.

What should I do if my hard drive makes odd sound or data stored on it goes missing?

If you notice any issue with your hard drive, you need to stop using it. When your storage device becomes inaccessible or your data gets corrupted, do not try to fix the problem yourself. You should also avoid using free data recovery software that may actually make things worse, and may make it harder for us to recover your data. In case your drive is making a clicking sound, turn off the system to prevent further damage.

How do you recover data from damaged hard drive?

At Platinum Data Recovery, we use different methods and procedures for retrieving lost data. Each data loss case is unique and our team first analyzes the storage device to find out the extent of damage and determine the best data recovery procedure. We make use of the latest technologies and advanced tools to produce the best results in the shortest possible time. You may lose data stored on hard drive due to several reasons such as physical damage, software corruption, computer viruses, or natural disasters. Depending on the cause of data loss, we use the best method of data recovery.

Platinum Data Recovery does not provide hard drive repair services, but we can definitely try to get your lost data back.

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Temporary Repair to Get the Data Back

There is no such thing as permanent hard drive repair. Once a drive’s function has been compromised, it is no longer a reliable storage device. Even if an engineer manages to bring your drive back to life, there is no doubt that your drive will crash again shortly after its attempted repair. Engineers are only able to repair the drive for a short amount of time in order to extract sectors with info or to clone the drive itself. Once the hard drive is repaired, most of the time you can only read the data with data recovery equipment.

Instead of spending the extra money to take the risk of having your hard drive survive just a little while longer, it is advised that you skip any sort of “repair” process and purchase a new hard drive instead. Performing data recovery on the old drive and transferring the data to a new hard drive is a much more reliable, long-term solution for your money. Call us now!

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