Data Recovery Services for Healthcare and Medical Industry

Healthcare Data Recovery

Data Recovery Solutions for Healthcare Industries

In an increasingly data-driven world, healthcare is transforming. With mountains of data at their fingertips, healthcare providers cannot afford to lose sensitive medical records. However, data loss disasters can strike without warning and leave you without access to patient records, financial information, and other important data. Unfortunately, data disasters cannot be prevented altogether. That is why it is essential to have a data backup in place. In such situations where you cannot access your data, it is critical to know your options.

Platinum Data Recovery offers comprehensive data recovery services to healthcare providers, hospitals, and insurers. Our data recovery engineers can quickly repair any storage device while maintaining a strict confidentiality. As a healthcare provider, you need someone with high success rate while maintaining excellent security controls. With success rate of over 95 percent, we offer flexible service options helping you control downtime without losing productivity.

Why Healthcare Industries Choose Platinum Data Recovery?

At first, other data recovery providers may seem to offer the same level of expertise and capabilities. But, upon closer examination, most of them fall short. Many data recovery companies use incomplete security practices, which can result in compliance violations of the healthcare industry.

At Platinum Data Recovery, security is of prime importance. Unlike most other data recovery providers, we pay special attention to the security and protection of highly sensitive medical records. We have a proven track record of investing in necessary research, best equipment, and advanced technology to assure best results. Having over 15 years of experience in data recovery industry, we are uniquely qualified to perform data recovery from HDD, SSD, RAID, flash drive and other storage devices.

More than Just Finances at Stake

It is hard to project an exact financial risk for healthcare institutions because it is not just money which is at stake when anything goes wrong. Without access to data, healthcare professionals lose revenue and credibility from their inability to treat patients.

Platinum Data Recovery provides the best possible chances for full data recovery. Our data recovery engineers have access to advanced tools and technology that helps to restore data from any storage device with high success rate. We handle hundreds of cases for clients in healthcare industry each year providing them with exceptional results while maintaining high-security standards.

If you are facing a data loss situation, call Platinum Data Recovery right away. We provide risk-free diagnostics which covers the exact price quote and estimated turnaround time for data recovery. Call 800-313-0044 to submit your case to us.