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Monolithic Data Recovery

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Flash technology has come a long way, and monolithic flash drives are becoming more popular every year. Unlike a traditional flash drive that contains memory chips, resistors, capacitors, a microcontroller and other components; monolithic drives have all of these integrated into the chip itself.

For manufacturers, this is excellent. They can fit them into nearly any kind of casing and many are now available in convenient and thin key chain designs. Since they are generally of uniform size, manufacturers can easily swap them out with those that have larger storage capacities without needing to redesign a case.

As far as repair, there is no way to replace the microcontroller or swapping the memory chip to another circuit board – making recovery extremely difficult. Cases such as these require a great deal of time and effort for the team, due to the complications. While they may be of uniform size, they are not of uniform configuration, so unfortunately it is not a cheap process. Data recovery for a monolith drive can range anywhere from $1-3,000.

Why Choose Us?

Most Data Recovery companies will not service monolithic drives, but here at Platinum Data Recovery, we take these cases on a regular basis. With over 15 years of experience, we are sure to keep up to date with the evolving technology of flash drives and SD cards. Since there is typically only one opportunity to try to recover this data, please call Platinum immediately if your flash, SD card, or micro SD is not working. We have the highest success rates in the industry, and we will exhaust each and every resource to get your precious data returned to you.


How long does a Monolithic flash drive store data?

Your Monolithic flash drive can store a huge amount of data but like every other flash drive, it has a specific lifespan. All flash drives have risks of file corruption and data loss. If stored safely under normal conditions, typically most flash drives can store data for 10 years. However, most flash drives are subject to rough use and get exposed to moisture, heat, or other factors that lead to premature flash drive failure and data loss.

How does a Monolithic flash drive go bad?

Most flash drives, including Monolithic flash drives, are durable and built to last for a long time. However, no data storage technology is perfect and flash drives are also vulnerable to damage due to many reasons. A flash drive may go bad if exposed to physical damage, power surge, malware, or improper usage. Also, if you do not properly eject the drive before removing it, you’re at the risk of losing your data.

Is it possible to recover data from Monolithic flash drives?

As compared to other flash drives, recovering data from monolithic drives is more complicated because of their inconsistent configuration. However, at Platinum Data Recovery, we have the expertise and technology that allow us to recover data from flash drives with a better success rate than any other company.