5 Questions You Must Ask A Data Recovery Service Provider

5 Questions You Must Ask A Data Recovery Service Provider

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Losing data can be one hell of an experience. You lose your months and years of files, pictures, important documents and what not. In today’s age, losing data can prove to be disastrous for professionals who carry out all their work through their computer systems or laptops only. For college students as well, losing data can be extremely detrimental to their education as they lose all their notes and e-books collected and stored over the years. In such cases of severe distress, you should hire a data recovery service provider to help you with professional expertise to recover your data. Before hiring a data recovery professional, make sure that you ask the following questions to get a fair idea of how the service provider is going to treat your data loss.


  1. How much would it cost?

This is an important factor while hiring a data recovery service provider. Ask the service provider to conduct a thorough diagnostic procedure and point out in detail, as to what is wrong with your system. Data loss can be due to myriad of reasons and the cost often differs according to the nuances involved in data loss. Ask for the entire cost, including any hidden costs to make sure you take the right choice.


  1. What is wrong with the system?

You may not be a whiz kid on the block. But, you must ask the service provider as to what exactly is the issue with your system. This ensures that the service provider understands that you take your system seriously and cannot be fooled. Try to read up a bit online about data crash to have a rough idea of data loss and recovery.


  1. How long would the recovery process take?

The process of data recovery is inevitably governed by highly technological steps which take a lot of time to get completed in entirety. Ask the data recovery service provider to give you an estimate in which the recovery process would be completed. If a data recovery company assures you that the data would definitely be recovered in a given frame of time, then that is not really true as it cannot be ensured in any case.


  1. How will I get my data back?

Most of the times the bad drive is deleted and the data is restored in a new drive. The file format is kept the same so that you can easily copy the lost data to your system. Many service providers also give the data in DVDs or external USB flash drives as well. Ask the service provider about these details beforehand so as to hire the best data recovery service provider.


  1. Will my privacy be protected?

Keeping data private and confidential is one of the most basic and most important features that any company should provide. You might have important documents and files pertaining to your business ventures or even personal pictures that you would not share with anybody else. Make sure that you ask the service provider if they provide a written document assuring 100% confidentiality agreement.

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