Can Overheating of Hard Drive cause Damage?

Many people come with an interrogation that can over hearting of hard drive cause damage.

The answer is yes! High temperatures and hard drives cannot be good friends in any case.

Heat is a by-product of almost all the electronic devices that we use on a regular basis. It is obvious, anything that requires electric current to operate will produce heat. As an example, items like washing machines, blenders, televisions, laptops, etc. produce a tremendous amount of heat when put to work. Due to the advancement of technology, cooling systems have been introduced in devices because of which overheating is a less issue now. But still, it has not been eradicated completely and has a negative impact on hard drives.


Now talking about the performance of the device, it is supposed to suffer when forced to operate in a hot environment. Have you not heard that laptops and PC’s that are used daily should be kept in an air-conditioned room? In the case of hard drives, hot conditions can slow down read and write speeds. In severe conditions, it can get destroyed completely and become disable to read the data it holds.


Here are some of the serious damages that your overheated hard drive can cause:


  1. Damage Hard Drive –

Excess of exposure to heat can damage several parts of hard drive, including the part that contains data. Furthermore, due to the contraction and expansion of platters, many components get damaged and sometimes even head crashes. Expanding metal also holds the power of turning a hard drive from a useful piece of storage media into a costly paperweight. Sometimes the situation also arises that overheating of the hard drive might burn its circuit board, and due to this circumstance hard drive become unrecognized by the computer. Then you become unable to read or write data onto a damaged hard drive.


  1. Data Destruction and Data Loss –

When the hard drive gets hot initially, it becomes more prone to errors and less reliable, leading to data corruption. No doubt, drive software has the capability to fix these errors, but if the temperature keeps on increasing, then the simple correction will be difficult to make. Further, if the hard drive is not cooled properly, then material expansion can lead to misalignment creating more error. Unfortunately, the electronic work harder to fix the errors which generate more heat. If you are lucky enough, then your data will only be corrupted, but in a worse situation, it can be lost entirely. This lost data is very hard to recover and require the assistance of data recovering experts.

The data is stored on platters of the hard drive in the form of a file called bytes at separate locations. When you open the file, these bytes are read, and individual locations are viewed, and then the file is reconstituted and displayed. Even if the position of platter changes fractionally, files become hard to be retrieved.


  1. System Crashes –

When a hard drive gets damaged due to overheating and stops working, it directly influences the computer and its functioning. Situations such as shutting down of computer without any warning, computer freezes and stop operating, PC unable to boot arises. So chances of system crash increases due to hard drive overheating and computer stops functioning normally.


If your hard drive having crucial data has also suffered from damage caused by overheating, then contact data recovery experts for safe data retrieval.