Five Instances When the Data Recovery May Not Be Possible

Five Instances When the Data Recovery May Not Be Possible

Data loss has become a serious problem for a lot of businesses these days. From small firms to large organizations, owners are seen struggling with the loss of time and money to retrieve the excel files, word documents, and other sensitive pieces of information that arise due to accidental deletion or corruption. Along with that, there is a lot of fight against malware and viruses that are threatening and may render the data completely unreadable by both humans and software. So, let us first take an insight into them before heading any further.

Five Instances When the Data Recovery May Not Be Possible

Deleting files accidentally. Believe it or not, but unintentional deletion or formatting of files without a backup is one of the most common causes of data loss in companies. No wonder, it is the daily or weekly practice that employees resort to; but removing the right files or overwriting parts of them is something people end up doing when in a hurry.

Becoming prey to viruses. Because of getting connected to a worldwide network, your computers and other electronics are always at risk. Numerous virus and malware programs can easily penetrate your systems and spread like wildfire. As a consequence, your devices slow down and can suffer partial or full damage in the worst circumstances.

Failing or malfunctioning of hard drives. Several businesses lose their data due to hard drive damage. These are such a fragile part of the computer system that they can crash easily due to human misuse or mishandling, dropping or jostling a computer or laptop. They also break down by overuse or build-up of dust.

Fluctuating of power. These are other big reasons for the interruption of business operations. Sudden power failures or outages and software shutdowns result in the loss of unsaved data and also corrupt the existing files as the system doesn’t shutdown properly. If this keeps happening over and over again, there can be a disastrous impact on your hard drives.

Stealing of devices. In the modern world today, people are happily becoming mobile. This means that they are mostly working from their laptops and smartphones instead of personal computers. So, in case your devices are stolen, it is not just monetary loss, but data loss as well, that is way more expensive.

Now that you know the common causes of data loss, you must have got a subtle hint that irrespective of the reason behind the data loss, the resultant impact on a company’s financial health is going to be more or less the same. Plus, all the business resources and data recovery specialists have to be needed to recreate or recover those files and fill in the gap.

However, there can be severe failure cases with your hard drives, where the professionals may also feel helpless and cannot do any good to you. In simple words, data recovery may be impossible. Here are such situations to warn you –

Damage from Fire or Overheating
The data in hard drives is stored on platters that are either made up of glass, aluminum, or ceramic substrate disk and a thin layer of a magnet. It is the magnetic material that holds the most importance as data resides on it. And in case, there is a sudden fire or abnormal heat, these substances tend to melt and all the data stored on it gets destroyed entirely with no chance of getting retrieved come what may.

Impairment of Drive Due to Excessive Vibration
The excessive vibration of the hard disk doesn’t mean you give it a simple knock by hand. It refers to that serious shake and tremble or a situation where high force, such as a hammer is put onto the device. Though the modern drives are constructed to safeguard you from minor hits, a severe strike is what it takes to cause the extreme physical damage, leaving you with zero possibilities of recovering the data stored in it.

Attack by Power Outages
Your computer system and hard drives are composed of several electronic components that can make them prone to lightest of power surges. So, the moment your disk has to face those high lightning bolts, there is a likelihood that your electronics can fail and the drive cannot function anymore. It may even get corrupt forever. This can leave all your efforts for recovery of data stored in it unfruitful and sheer wastage of time.

Deletion of Data Long Back
Here, you need to understand is that deleting a file or document from a hard drive doesn’t immediately remove it. Your drive is a smart device that designates a space to those files, and then later overwrites them at the next available opportunity. This implies that hard drive recovery for the data you lost several months ago is only possible if you act promptly or don’t perform operations on it anymore. Otherwise, there can be constant overwriting of data that is too intensive to retrieve.

Erasure of Files with Special Tools
No personal or business user keeps the data forever. People may use professional tools to get rid of the files, images, videos, and other unwanted stuff. Now, this doesn’t sound like an issue in any sense; however, one important thing to keep in mind is that once you wipe the data off with such tools, it is almost impossible to get it back. That is why, experts beware the users of such software and recommend considering every bit of information that is being deleted.