Helpful Tips To Avoid Physical Security Threats

Helpful Tips To Avoid Physical Security Threats

With the advancement in technology, we are becoming more dependent on digital data. With this dependency, data breaching is also becoming common. And it is the reason that businesses, as well as individuals, implement several practices to protect their valuable information.

But, do you think that only paying attention to internet-based attacks will be enough? No! Because the IT security of your business can be compromised with physical attacks too.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Physical Security Threats

According to research, it has been found that employees commit cybercrime right under the nose of their colleagues and boss. If physical security is not adequate, your devices can even be stolen, tampered with, or damaged by criminals or envious people.

IT security can be ensured fully only if the business is physically secured. And to prevent physical access attacks, it is crucial to learn how to avoid physical security threats. So, to help you and your business, we have compiled some useful tips for you.

Keep your network devices at secure locations

All hackers need is your network devices to do the damage. Plugging a laptop into your network device, he can gather all the confidential data of your company and can ruin your entire business. So, it is highly advised to keep your network devices in a locked and secured room.

Protect your business from physical intruders

Criminals target your data with a motive. Some do it because of jealousy, some to get your financial information, and others to intimidate or blackmail you. So, it is crucial to take relevant precautions so that no intruder can steal your hardware or important documents.
The following are a few points that you need to follow to ensure protection against physical access:

  • Have a separate Wi-Fi network for your visitors.
  • Install rotating CCTV cameras in your office.
  • Avoid the installation of Ethernet cables outside the building.
  • Have security guards at entry and exit points.
  • Install the latest automatic lock systems.

Lock server rooms and place them under surveillance

If your server rooms are not protected, then your business is at high risk. Make sure that only authorized employees are allowed inside the server rooms and keep them locked otherwise.

However, despite strict policies, some intruders can break into the server room. 24*7 surveillance is crucial if you want to keep an eye on everyone entering, exiting, or roaming around the server rooms.

Plan extra security for your portable devices

Most companies, use portable devices like tablets and laptops these days. These devices can easily be stolen and are always at risk. Thankfully, a cable lock exists. It is the simplest and most inexpensive IT solution that every company using portable devices should stick to.

Take backup and secure it

Where taking backups is a crucial task; keeping those backups safe is even more critical. Just think, some files got deleted or corrupted from your system. What will you do in that case? Obviously, you would run after backups. But, if unfortunately, someone had stolen or deleted your backed-up files too, then what?

To avoid such situations, keep your backups in a well-protected place.

However, if your backups and data, all are lost, still there is a chance to recover the lost files. Professional data recovery companies are always at your service to recover your crucial and confidential data.