How Can Digital Media Files Be Recovered from MAC Drive?

How Can Digital Media Files Be Recovered from MAC Drive?

Most of the Mac users get puzzled when they lose their media files from Mac Operating System. The main reason for which they find themselves in trouble is that Apple does not allow users to make any random changes with its setting while searching or recovering lost files. This even creates stress in users as they don’t know what the right step is in such a scenario. They even lose their data permanently because of the haphazard actions they take. Thus, it is crucial to stay calm when it comes to data loss and recovery.

How Can Digital Media Files Be Recovered from MAC Drive?

Have you also lost or deleted your favorite photos, movies, videos from Mac drive accidentally? Don’t worry if your answer is yes. We are here to help you! Consider the following ways to recover your valuable data. One out of them will surely prove to be helpful.

1.Recover from Trash: Do you know that deleted media is still in your reach? Yes, because after deletion the data goes to the Trash folder of Mac. Thus, you can restore your favorite pictures or videos from there. The data stays there until you empty the Trash folder or chose the Empty Trash Automatically option. However, remember you can only retrieve your data within 30 days of deletion, as after that deleted files are automatically removed from Trash.

2.Recover digital media from Photos App on Mac: Are you aware that the Photos App on Mac stores media files from all your Apple devices whether it is iPad or iPhone? The application contains a folder named Recently Deleted which keeps deleted files for 30 days and after that deletes them automatically. Thus, you can recover your deleted files from that folder. But don’t forget to do so within 30 days.

3.Recover files from Time Machine backup: Apple’s Time Machine is the savior when the photos or videos are deleted from Mac. Therefore, if you don’t find your pictures in the Trash folder, then try to recover them from Time Machine backup. However, Time Machine removes the oldest data automatically as it gets so full. So, make sure to recover the files (at the earliest) you can’t do without.

4.Hire Apple Mac Recovery services: Not all are lucky enough to find their deleted videos and photos in Trash and backup. In such a scenario, the best thing that can be done is to hire Data Recovery professionals.

Don’t try to perform any action by yourself as you can end up losing it permanently. Experts have a suitable environment, tools, and software to recover the deleted data carefully. Because of their years of experience, they know how to handle data losses so that no digital media is lost. Moreover, being professionals, they understand the importance of data to you and thus keep it secure.