Is Cyber-crime spiraling out of control?

Is Cyber – Crime spiraling out of control causing the need for data recovery?

All reports of any particular country or the world suggest a high rise in the number cyber crime cases happening in the country or the world annually. Most of such cases are targeted at the financial sector followed by the media and communication sector and trailed by the manufacturing sector. If the cyber crime keeps increasing at the given rate with little or no action taken to condemn it, it might so happen that all our data on our systems is vulnerable to cyber crime attacks all the time. Not that it isn’t already but then even more and to no control.

Seriously Crashed Hard Drive

A data loss protection plan is an absolute necessary to protect your data against attacker invasions. More so is it a necessity for businesses or companies to ensure that their sensitive data and information remains safe. You might have a cell in your business responsible for managing the data efficiently and of handling incidents of cyber crime without letting it hamper with the company’s reputation, it is still noted that ore that half business professionals in the world still believe that having a media plan in place that will report or respond to data loss is enough.

Public opinion: The static change
Often it has been said and noted that the only thing constant is change and so is it notable in the cases of observances of cases of cyber crime and the response on people towards it. Previously a majority of cyber crime victims chose to let the instances unreported and passed them off as minor hacker attacks that do not pose any potential threat to the privacy of the person involved. However with passing time people are not only becoming more vigilant but also less tolerant to such instances. The growing intolerance towards unethical cyber behavior is a proof enough of the changing times. Businesses too have started recognizing the potential threats of cyber crime and have started safeguarding their data and organization against it. They have come to acknowledge the fact that cyber crime attacks will lead to effecting their reputation and profits adversely. Also, a lot many business tend to fear losing their regular customers in case they are victims of cyber crime attacks since it can be expected from clients to not trust the company with their confidential information anymore and that it will damage or even destroy the client’s trust in the company and its employees. Clients of most companies however seek to differ as they are ready to trust brands even after such attacks as they believe that it could have happened at individual level too and to blame the company for it is unfair.

It is only impossible for businesses to entirely eliminate the risks of cyber-crime attacks and to avoid damages caused by those. The negative publicity they’ll receive might be a scary factor though and hence all business try to their best to refrain from being vulnerable targets to such attacks. They may however be successful in trying to optimize their security measures to a point where all employees follow the mentioned guidelines thereby avoiding data failures and making recovery from such instances easier to deal with. They are however still highly protective of the customer’s data as they might face lawsuits in case of breaching of a third person’s intellectual properties through them- specially with most countries formulating very strict regulations for it.

Who is to be blamed?
Are companies really worth the blame they take for not safeguarding the client’s data from potential damage? Can we really expect all businesses to deal with the vulnerabilities studied by the hacker before attacking a certain system for information? Data failure can hardly be blamed on the companies as they’d be the ones who’d suffer most at the hands of such instances. While at one hand their reputation is at stake, at the other they need to manage data restoring, lawsuits and loss of their own data all at once. Also there have been many such instances in the past where the customers themselves played external attackers to the information.

However it will also be unfair to free such businesses of all blames altogether. Better care should be taken to keep confidential data better protected and away from predatory attacks. Also, if not more the business should be judges on how much data failure ready their employees are. A business where the employees are well trained to keep data encrypted, to back up data regularly and to restore it in case of need are the businesses you can trust with your sensitive data or information. It is certainly not possible to eliminate cases of cyber crime for businesses but being cyber crime ready is where they should start. Disaster management is often more required than disaster prevention.