Security Tips For iPhone Users

Security Tips For iPhone Users

Though iPhone comes with various security features to protect your personal and financial information yet, it can reveal your secrets when it’s not in your hands, placed somewhere, or being charged through other electronic devices like laptops!

Security Tips For iPhone Users

Apart from antiviruses, iPhones are prone to physical theft and hacking. Not only just your iPhone, but it could also be your MacBook, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you are concerned about the security of your personal data like photos, videos, and messages and sensitive information like email addresses, website logins, etc. then follow these tips to save your phone from the prying eyes of quidnuncs and hackers.

Keep your iOS Up to date
Hackers are pro at coding and exploiting the codes of other Softwares. They can easily find flaws in Apple’s coding and exploit it to get into your personal data. In order to avoid this threat, update your iOS to the latest iteration, including smaller ‘dot’ or point updates because it’s Apple’s way of combatting these exploits and rendering stability enhancement.

Use a Stronger Password
Using a strong password is the simplest and easiest way to protect your data. You might know that Greykey was used by law enforcement agencies to crack the four-digit passwords of iPads and iPhones in a few hours.

The main concern here is that hackers may know more such devices that could break your four-digit password to retrieve or destroy your information. Therefore, it is advisable to keep strong and long passwords with special characters.

Turn off Automatic Sync to iCloud
When you synchronize your data like messages, contact, documents, and photos with iCloud, even if you destroy it locally, it stays on iCloud. Recently, many pictures were leaked and found on Apple iCloud servers which drove people crazy. They thought deleting them would solve the problem! But it doesn’t.

Auto-Wipe iPhone Content
Turning on auto-wipe iPhone content may sound eerie to you. But it is useful if you have backed up your data on iCloud or somewhere else. It works in a way that after ten guesses of the passcode, it automatically deletes the content on your iPhone, making it useless to the hacker.

But if you have not backed up your data and accidentally turned this feature on, then you can contact data recovery professionals who can help you retrieve it.

Avoid Opening Unknown Links
Avoid opening links you receive via emails, texts, and on web pages. Some hackers disguise as popular email clients to gain access to your Gmail account. They may not hack your phone but can use or destroy your potential information.

These links and pages may look genuine and attractive. They may appear again and again on your screen so that you can open them for once to have a look. Such scams are pretty common. So it is better to understand that if you don’t trust a particular link, don’t open it.

Despite using all the above-mentioned safety measures, you can lose your data with the slightest of distraction. But worry not! You can take help from data recovery specialists who can solve your problem within a few hours.