Simple Tips to Keep Your Computer Cool

Simple Tips to Keep Your Computer Cool

The summer season is finally here! It is that time of the year when surviving without AC, popsicles, and refreshing beverages seems impossible. There are several ways to cool down ourselves in this intense heat but what about your computer and laptops? Humans can find several ways to stay cool in the summer heat but our computer doesn’t have the luxury of sipping icy beverages or relaxing in the pool. So, as the heat rises outside, how you can make sure that your PC stays cool?

As you might already know, computers generate a lot of heat which means it’s crucial to keep it cool. A computer contains several parts such as the CPU and graphics card which produces heat when your computer is working. Although there are several fans to move out most of the heat, still computers and laptops get overheated which can result in loss of your sensitive data.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Computer Cool

How to Keep Your Computer Cool
The temperature of your computer should ideally remain around 50° Celsius or 122° Fahrenheit. Keeping your computer cool ensures its longevity by preventing the failure of various hardware components. So, if you’re looking for ways to effectively cool down your PC, here are a few easy tips that will help your PC beat the heat. The following tips will keep your desktop PCs cool throughout the year.

Ensure Proper Air Flow
First and foremost, make sure that your computer has adequate airflow to stay cool. It is important to let your device breathe by removing obstacles around it. The obstacles that are covering air vents are responsible for heating the system and causing various other problems. To avoid this issue, take look at your computer and spot the air vents to make sure that there’s sufficient room for air to get in and out. You should leave at least 2–3 inches open on either side and keep the back completely open and clear.

Keep Your Computer Clean
One of the biggest reasons behind the overheated hard drive is dust. With continuous use, dust and dirt find its way through the air vents and into the fans, which causes your computer to overheat. As such, the best way to cool your PC is to clean the internal fans. For cleaning your computer, you need to shut off the device, open up the case, and remove dust from fans inside the power supply, on top of the CPU, and other fans. If you’re not aware of handling computer parts, seek professional help.

Choose Right Location
If on touching your computer you find it extremely hot, consider moving it to another colder place. This is because the location of your computer impacts its performance, as well as cooling ability. Sometimes, by simply shifting your PC to a cooler and cleaner area can make a difference. If it’s placed near a window that is exposed to direct sunlight or if it’s right against a wall that is restricting its airflow, you should change its location.

Advanced Cooling System
If you use multiple hard drives, you should add more fans. In addition to the existing cooling system, you might invest in a few upgrades such as adding a case fan to keep your device cool. Also, there are water cooling kits and phase change units that can cool down your PC.