The Best External Storage Devices for iPhone

The Best External Storage Devices for iPhone

A common problem faced by iPhone and iPad users is the lack of enough storage space. We all love Apple products but at the time of buying a new phone or tablet, we are forced to guess how much space would be sufficient. The iconic Apple products like iPhone and iPad are renowned for their performance but users don’t have an option to upgrade the internal storage on their device when needed. However, this is not a problem anymore! If your Apple device runs on iOS 13 or the latest iOS 14, then here’s great news for you. Since the release of iOS 13, it is now possible to use external storage to easily move files between the drive and your iPhone or iPad.

The Best External Storage Devices for iPhone

Of all the new features launched in the latest version of iOS and iPadOS, the support for external storage like a flash drive or hard drive is the most significant for users. With this update, Apple has addressed the demand of thousands of users. This feature allows iPad and iPhone users to plug in thumb drives, external disk drives, and SD cards via a card reader to access the data stored on those devices in the iOS and iPad’s Files app. However, only the devices that can be upgraded to the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS can gain compatibility with external storage devices.

How does External Storage work in iOS?

This new feature is great for users who prefer storing a huge volume of music, pictures, or even movies onto external media. It is quite simple to connect an external hard drive, SSD, or thumb drive to your iPad or iPhone. This feature can work with any thumb drives or memory card readers that use the USB-C or Lightning port.  Apple’s Lightning-to-USB and Lightning-to-USB 3 camera adapters allow easy access. You may also use an external hard drive with an adapter dongle. Now, all you need to do is connect your external drive to your iPhone or iPad. This can be plugged either directly into its Lightning or USB-C port or through the use of an adapter. Now, go to the Files option on your iPhone or iPad, tap Browse, and select the name of your drive in the list of locations.

The Best Flash Drives for iPhone

When looking for external storage specifically to use with an iPhone or an iPad, it is best to get a flash drive with either a Lightning or a USB-C connector. The lightning connection is recommended because with that there’s no need for any special cables or adapters. However, if you have a newer iPad Pro have a USB-C port then you would need a USB-C to lightning adapter.  When looking for an external device specifically for iOS, it is best to consider MFI (Made for iPhone) flash drives that meet all the system requirements. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best external storage options to use with your iPhone or iPad.

Sandisk iXpand Flash drive

When looking for a Flash Drive for your iPhone or computer, you can never go wrong with the SanDisk iXpand. This is an ideal device with a Lightning connector, as well as a regular USB connector to plug into your laptop. It is one of the best thumb drives available for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 that comes in four different capacities- 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. With a data transfer speed of 13MBps, it can automatically transfer over your photo library. Users simply need to open the app and plug in the drive. For PC users, this drive supports USB 3.0. The iXpand also has an app that allows backing up all your photos every time the flash drive is connected to the phone. Whether you’re using iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad Pro, the SanDisk iXpand is compatible with most iPhones and iPads.

HooToo iPhone Flash Drive

Possibly, you’re not familiar with this name but HooToo Flash Drive is one of the best storage options for iPhones. As mentioned above, most iPhones work best with Lightning-based flash drives because with that you don’t need a USB to Lightning adapter. Lightning-based flash drives allow users to easily connect them to the Lightning port. Similar to SanDisk, the HooToo portable flash drive can work well with iPhone because it has both a Lightning and USB connector. This small and lightweight flash drive has a lightning connector on one end and a standard USB connector on the other. It comes in 128 GB and 256 GB with a USB 3.0 connector which means that you can use it on both an iOS device and a computer with a USB port. Users can directly plug it into the iPhone and computer to transfer your photo library. However, if you’re using newer MacBooks, you will need to get a USB-C to USB Type-A adapter.

External Hard Drives for iPad and iPhone

Some users prefer getting an external hard drive that can be used with their computer, as well as an iPad or iPhone. As compared to USB flash drives, external hard drives are bigger in size. So, when looking for an external HDD that can work with iPhone, make sure you choose a portable drive that is powered by the USB port without any need to be plugged into a power source. Also, you need to consider a few more things like how often you store your files, the amount of data, and the ability to access your files. You should also keep in mind that external drives work with a standard USB port, so it becomes necessary to get Apple’s adapter to convert it to a Lightning connection.

LaCie Rugged Mini Hard Drive

The LaCie Rugged range hard drives are popular among professional users. These durable, high-performance hard drives are great for laptops while their rugged feature makes them sturdy and ideal for traveling. As a great portable external hard drive, LaCie Rugged Mini hard drive is the perfect choice for iPads and iPhones. This external hard drive is the right choice for users looking for more storage space. The LaCie Rugged Mini hard drives are available from 1 TB to up to 5 TB to easily accommodate even the largest of libraries.

For your Apple device, you may also choose Seagate Portable Hard Drive or WD My Passport Wireless Drive. However, no matter which brand’s flash drive or external HDD you’re using for your iPhone, all external storage devices are vulnerable to failure and data loss. When your flash drive or LaCie Rugged hard drive fails, a data recovery service company can help.