Water Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery: What To Do

Water Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery: What To Do

Water Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery: What To Do
We all are aware of the fact that water is dangerous for digital devices. Hence, we also take precautions by keeping our gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras away from water. But mishaps can occur, and you can spill water on your device, or it may accidentally fall into the bucket full of water.

Especially when it comes to water damage by a rain flood, then you cannot save your hard drive or other digital devices from getting wet. However, don’t panic! Your data can still be recovered. To know what are the tips through which data can be recovered from the hard drive, read the article.

Don’t panic:

The first thing that you should do in case of water damage is to stop panicking. Have a sigh of relief because data recovery from the device is still possible. It is suggested to take some safeguards so that maximum data can be recovered.

Cut the power:

Make sure that devices like laptops, hard disks, and PCs are unplugged. It will prevent short circuits and additional damage to the device.

Don’t plug in or turn on your system:

It is strongly advised not to turn on your laptop, PC, storage box, external hard disk, or server in case of water damage. In the case of the laptop, remove its battery. Also, don’t commit the mistake of connecting the water-damaged storage media (be it because of flood or water spilling) to your PC or laptop.

Don’t open the device:

If the idea of opening the device comes to your mind, shun it immediately. You can expose it to airborne contaminants, and it will make data recovery almost impossible. To avoid unwanted headaches in the future, stay away from your device and let only experienced professionals handle it.

Don’t dry the hard drive:

There are many who try to dry their hard drives by keeping them under the sun or using a blow dryer. But it can worsen the situation and chances of data recovery reduce to a great extent. Drying the drive can lead to the deposition of contaminated residue on the platters. Your data may be residing on those platters and will get damaged.
So, it is suggested not to dry the hard drive. Leave it as it is! Yes, let it stay wet; it will prevent the corrosion of the hard drive. Furthermore, Data Recovery Experts know the technique of carefully cleaning and drying the platters. They have enough experience because of which they can retrieve the data by not damaging the surface of platters.

Don’t waste time:

Don’t make delays in taking your hard disk to the data recovery experts. Remember, in the case of water damage; delays can lead to corrosions and platters will be damaged.

Stay away from unqualified professionals:

Just because you are stressed, don’t try any solution that an unqualified professional suggests. You may end up losing your data permanently. Also, don’t try to fix things by yourself until and unless you are an expert.

Trust experienced data Recovery company:

Make sure that you are giving your hard disk in the hands of Data Recovery Expert If your device is having important information stored in it, then don’t go for an amateur data recovery expert at any cost. Otherwise, your data may get damaged permanently.