Ways Computer Users send their Laptops to an Early Death

Ways Computer Users send their Laptops to an Early Death

Aren’t laptops absolutely essential commodities in your life? That is how our modern lifestyles are constructed, upon the foundation of technology. You might have chosen your laptop from among a million choices. You might as well be sure that your choice of the laptop is sturdy and would last you centuries. Well, actually that myth remains only till it’s broken since most laptops do not even live past their third birthdays. A pretty short life span that is. But do you know that you can prolong your laptop’s lifetime just to delay the R.I.P. dear laptop- months or even years later.

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Your laptops might be super machines that process gallons of data all at once but they are still fragile devices that need to be well kept and cared for. If your laptop often heats up to temperatures that might cause second-degree burns, it is time you started caring for your machine more than ever. Such temperatures often tend to pose danger to the life span of your hard drive. Already damaged the hard drive beyond repair? You can still seek solace in the fact that data can be still retrieved from hard drives damaged due to overheating, not surely but there is a good chance.

It is advisable to not overburden your computer with too much to do when it is running a program using the hard drive. Also, try to not move your laptop too rashly since shaking the hard drive might cause damage to the platters and heads responsible for writing data into the hard drive. Also, alongside your hard drive, you need to be sure to manage your solid-state disk drive better too. SSD drives are gradually gaining popularity in most modern age computers and like most hard drives they too have moving parts that are susceptible to damage. Utmost care should be taken to avoid jostling the SSD drive to eliminate the risk of the moving parts of the drive crashing into the writing heads of the drive thereby causing damage to the most sensitive parts of the drive. Also, retrieving data from your SSD drive will come heavy not only on time and effort but also on your pocket since you would mostly require a data loss recovery expert to do it for you.

I know of those lazy times when you hate to bend and the screen of your laptop seems like the most convenient part to pick it by. In fact, I know of people who almost behave like the screen was meant to be the handle the laptop needs to be carried by. Do you know that you are risking breaking your laptop screen or causing internal damages to it that might cost you a fortune to get fixed? However sturdy the company claims the screen is, it sure is not to play catch with. Handle your laptop from the base and ensure a longer-lasting safer screen for it.

Now that your screen and hard drive are safer, it is time to make sure that you do not damage your laptop internally while protecting its hardware like for a museum. Make sure you download all important updates and don’t just skip them on the pretext of doing them later or never. Keeping up with the updates not only ensures a smoother running laptop but also makes your computer a much more reliable device and avoids crashing of software that might not run without installing the updates. Not every update might seem significant to you in terms of visibility or running of the machine, but there is a reason updates are rolled out in the first place. They will keep your computer running smoothly and also most updates help the laptop not pose problems for the operating system and also prevent certain malware associated with older updates.

The practice of installing and deleting too many software programs all at once, and mostly reinstalling them too should be avoided as far as possible. It leads to a situation where uploading and deleting similar files repeatedly causes a change of registry thereby preventing smooth usage of the program after a huge number of additions and deletions.

This said and done, if only you treat your laptop with care and not as a toy, you can ensure a longer life for it. If not, be ready to bid farewell and empty your pockets for newer computers in the market. It however takes a lot too many withdrawal symptoms to part with a laptop you are used to and get accustomed to newer models you’ve only recently purchased. Also, you can use that money wisely and in a lot more things since only a little amount of care can keep your laptop working and in good condition. So, Use your laptop- Don’t Abuse it.