Drive received prev open plus transfer (Economical)

We have received your media device and transfer drive at our Los Angeles lab. You have selected the Economical Data Recovery plan; It means that one of our trained engineers will officially diagnose your media device at our local tech lab. According to this service plan, diagnostic results will be provided within two business days and actual data recovery will take an estimated seven business days if there are no complications occur during the data recovery process.
You will be contacted once again via email or phone call with a price quote, the exact problem with your storage device and chances for successful recovery once the diagnostic is complete.

If the recovery of your data is time sensitive, we offer “Same day” diagnostic results for $99 or “Next day” diagnostic results for $29. The diagnostic is the best time to expedite the services because it depends only on engineers, but actual recovery can depend on how fast your storage device extracts the data.

To pay for the expedited diagnostic please click the following link and log in after that.
Your username is an email you used when requested a quote. Your password is just a number from your service number {plt-id} which is {id}. Once you logged in, please select from the drop menu type of payment you would like to do and process it. You will see that status for the payment will change after you pay. You will receive a confirmation email as well. Your customer service representative will get an email that you paid.

(!) Also, we would like to let you know your drive has been previously opened. Previously opened hard drives take more labor hours since we don’t know what happened to the drive, or what recovery efforts have been made. Feel free to check the price range for previously opened hard drives based on the specifics of your case , but you will get a firm price quote after the diagnostic is done.

(!) If the drive was opened by another data recovery/IT company we will need any correspondence with that company, and a description of the situation with your own words as it will assist in the diagnostic and recovery process.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Remember, your data is in good hands!

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