Cloud Security Tips: Reduce Risks and Threats

Today, almost all businesses use cloud services to store their critical data. People in business assume that their data will stay safe from any threat if they use the cloud to take the back-up. But, is your cloud data really safe? Cloud service providers may promise to protect your data, but you never know when some technical issue arises, and the data leaves the cloud to interact with other systems. Moreover, your employees use different devices to access the cloud to get the data, and for this reason, your crucial data is always at risk. Cloud security breach can occur because of several reasons such as accidental deletion of important data, theft of cloud login passwords, and insecure Wi-Fi connections. Howsoever, you can mitigate the risks and threats by learning and implementing different ways explained below.

Cloud Security Tips: Reduce Risks and Threats

Learn about your vulnerabilities – The first and the most important thing that you need to do to keep your data secure is to learn about different threats to data. As trends are changing every day, don’t stop learning. See what changes are prevailing in online data storage industry and determine how they can impact your business. Remember, learning such small things you can gather knowledge to protect your data and business in a better way. Furthermore, learn how cloud storage works. Misconfiguration of the cloud settings can also lead to exposure of data through the cloud. So, comprehend the cloud storage services you opt deeply so that you don’t left any loophole that puts your data at risk.

Have a security plan to minimize threats and vulnerabilities – If you run a business, then it is extremely crucial for you to work with a cloud service provider to develop, understand and implement security plan to reduce threats. It is highly advised never to overlook the security plan if you are serious about your business and doesn’t want it to leak from the cloud storage. Ask questions from your cloud storage provider regarding what all they have to offer and see if they focus on all areas to secure your data or not. 

Use Multi-factor Authentication and strong passwords – To ensure that your data is completely protected on the cloud, don’t be lethargic while setting the password, make it as secure as possible so that nobody can crack it. Additionally, use multi-factor authentication as it helps in assuring that only authorized person can log in to cloud storage, and your sensitive data don’t get into the hands of an immoral person.

Educate your employees – After learning how cloud storage works, educate your employees. Make them understand the cloud storage app which you use for your business and ask them not to tamper the settings without permissions. Teach them how changing the settings without any knowledge can expose the data to the outer world. Conduct training programs on a daily basis, create a friendly environment and interact with employees so that they can clarify their doubts regarding the usage of the cloud storage application. 

Provide your employees with anti-phishing training – This is among the most important step that any reputed organization should take. It is the team of employees who help business owners in running their company, and it is the reason that they should be educated at every step. Teach them how, through phishing, hackers can gain access to their cloud login credentials and can use the sensitive data of the company stored on the cloud to harm the reputation of the business. In a worse situation, they may have to face data loss. Also, don’t forget that phishing training is not a one time task, it needs to be provided on a regular basis, and you should have a team in place to alleviate the likelihood of phishing.

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