Did Your Dog Bite/Chew Your Memory Card?

Did Your Dog Bite/Chew Your Memory Card?

Memory cards are an integral part of modern-day technology. Everyone uses them because they can save your essential data. You will find a few types of memory cards in the market, such as CFast, microSD, CF, SD, and CFExpress.

All the memory cards mentioned above cards have a significant role in our lives. The problem comes when you get to know that your memory card is being damaged. And guess who damaged your memory card?

Did Your Dog Bite/Chew Your Memory Card?

It is your dog who accidentally chews up the memory card. It can damage your memory card big time.

You must have searched how you can repair it because you have a lot of data in your memory card you don’t want to eliminate. This article will give you the best ways to repair your memory card. Let’s discuss what happens when your dog bit your memory card and how you can recover your memory card.

Signs of the corrupt memory card
After your dog chewed your memory card, some signs will tell you that your card needs recovery. Different cards have different symptoms.

For example, the CFExpress card can be repaired quickly because a dog’s bite does not affect it. On the other hand, CF and CFast memory cards may indicate that you need to recover them.

When the memory card gets corrupted, the digital camera will not show any card on the screen.

Sometimes, your system will not detect memory cards because the bit of dog has damaged your card altogether. In those scenarios, it is not easy to recover a card. It must have been a problem for you. But you don’t need to worry; let’s discuss how to repair your memory card.

Change SD card Reader and Reconnect it
If you have an SD or microSD and want to fix it, you can do it in the following ways.

Step 1
Reconnect and unplug the memory card to the PC.

Step 2
If your screen is not showing memory cards yet, then follow these tips.

Try to change a card reader and then insert the card into it.
Afterward, connect the card to the PC.
After switching the USB port, the next step is to reconnect the card to the PC.
Try connecting your memory card to another computer.

Use a Data Recovery Company.
If anything you try is not working, then you can reach out to data recovery service companies or tools. These programs can help you out in repairing the memory cards like CF or CFast.

Final Thoughts
It is indeed frustrating to see when a dog chews up your memory card. The agony is that sometimes you couldn’t repair your memory card and end up losing all the necessary data. For example, you cannot recover your microSD card most of the time.

Due to a physical issue, the software cannot detect a problem. It is easy to repair any memory card, but you can somehow recover the kinds of CFExpress cards if you take the above steps accurately.