Essential Tips to Protect Electronic Devices at the Beach

Essential Tips to Protect Electronic Devices at the Beach

Essential Tips to Protect Electronic Devices at the Beach
A trip to the beach can be the most relaxing and invigorating experience during a vacation. However, if you happen to bring your electronic devices to the beach, which most of us do, the damage the atmosphere could do on the devices can quickly sour the entire experience. It is a known fact that electronics do not gel well with the climatic conditions on a beach- the coarse sand, the humidity, the sun, and obviously the salt water all have the power to corrode parts of your favorite electronic devices quite rapidly. However, this sort of damage might not be covered by insurance or warranties, which makes it even more necessary to take precautions for your electronic devices while visiting the beach.

Enumerated below are a few guidelines that you can follow to be conscientious of your device in such a surrounding.


Risk Of Theft
Remember that a beach is a public place and that heightens the risks of misplacing and losing your electronic devices. Do not leave behind any of your devices when you decide to go swimming in the waters. Otherwise, if in case there are any thieves lurking around, they could get lost. Additionally, make sure that you have your data backed up at all times, so that you do not lose your information or that you do not accidentally divulge your personal security information to others who might use it for nefarious purposes. Many phones and laptops have the provision of remote access and a “kill switch” feature, which enables you to lock your data if it gets stolen. There are also many “Find My Phone” applications that are either built-in or can be downloaded onto your devices. For more information on how you can backup your data and security information, you can get in touch with a professional organization specializing in the retrieval of lost or inaccessible data from various storage devices.


Waterproof Protection
If you know you are going to be using your phone, camera or laptops on the beach, it is advisable that you buy pertinent protection cases and covers to be on the safe side. For phones and cameras, you could use a PVC waterproof casing customized for your model and protect it from the sand and the water. Many such protective cases also have a foam insert that help it to float on water, in case you drop it. The surface of the PVC is such that you can operate your device even when it is in the casing. In this manner, you can safely take pictures on the beach.

For bigger devices, like Kindles, iPads, or laptops, you could consider buying an outdoor sensor dry pocket, that allows for electronics that are up to 10 inches in width. This too is usable in the conditions on a beach, keeping it safe from the sand and the water. It is usually made out of soft-side plastic and nylon and has the provision of a zipper and a waterproof headphone jack. Often, they also come with attached Velcro straps that can be used to hook it onto a beach chair or any other surfaces so that you can use your device comfortably.


Designated Lookout
Make sure that you have someone trustworthy who has taken the responsibility of looking after the devices while you are in the water. This will ensure that they do not get is placed or stolen and that you can freely enjoy your time swimming and having fun.

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