Which is more Reliable - Hard Drives or Cloud Storage?

Which is more Reliable – Hard Drives or Cloud Storage?

Who doesn’t want to cherish those happy moments they have spent with their family or friends? Be it parties, new babies, graduation, etc. What can take us back to relive those joyous moments? Pictures and videos! In the modern era, we hardly print them, so they end up on our computers and laptops.

Which is more Reliable – Hard Drives or Cloud Storage?

It’s not about just pictures and videos; if you are working, you would want to save your data by storing it to keep track of your work. But where can you save it? Hard drives or Cloud storage.

Hard drives – They are non-volatile data storage devices that are connected to computers externally. They can store any data on platters using magnetic heads, including pictures, files that can be created or downloaded, music, text documents, or files for operating system and software programs that run on computers.

New drives can store data from several gigabytes to terabytes. The improved technology allows the increase of their size ever year.

Cloud Storage -It is a part of cloud computing where data is stored on clouds. The things you see on the internet can be stored on the cloud. It’s storage where more than one user from remote locations can store their business applications.

The cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the physical environment protected and running; they make data accessible and available.

Reasons to Choose Hard Drives for Backing up Data:

You do not need Internet Access
You can easily access your information on a hard drive backup. You do not require coming online when you are transferring your data from a computer to a hard drive. You can quickly backup or retrieve your data without access to the internet.

Large Storage Capacity
If you watch movies or TV shows that take a lot of space, you need to use the external hard drive option. Storing massive terabytes of data online becomes a bit cumbersome and expensive.

Secures Your Data
Data stored on your personal hard drives is safer since cloud storage is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Though the storage providers encrypt data and protect your information, it is always better to keep a backup of your data on a hard drive.

Reasons to Choose Cloud Storage for Backing up Data:

Data is Saved from Physical Threats
Have you ever thought about what would happen to your data if your hard drive corrupts or damages by fire, water, or pressure?

Cloud storage is immune to these risks.

You can Access your Data from Anywhere
You can retrieve and access your data from laptops, tablets, or any other device without connecting it to external devices. You may be at any place; all you need to have is the availability of the internet to access your backed-up data.

Cloud Storage is Affordable
Most of the service providers offer free storage, for example, gives the account holder the first 20 GB for free. If you exceed your limit, you can purchase additional storage from other websites.

But if are still confused and cannot back up your data, contact service specialists to help you out!